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BATTLE AT IDUBE (Lions vs Buffalo) (HD)

3,097,442 views 3 years ago
As featured in the Nat Geo Wild series, "Caught in The Act"
Epic battle between a pride of lions and a herd of buffalo. The lions attack a buffalo calf and the buffalo herd returns to rescue the youngster from the lions. The lions do not give up and chase the buffalo, the scene repeats itself in a similar situation to the famous "Battle At Kruger" video (minus the crocodile!). Possesion of the buffalo calf changes hands between the lions and the buffalo herd a number of times, even the lion cubs try to help catch the buffalo calf!
Filmed close to Marula Dam at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa http://www.idube.com/static
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사자의 긍지와 버팔로의 무리 사이의 서사시 전투.사자는 버팔로의 송아지를 공격하고 무리는 그 젊은이를 구출하기 위해 반환합니다.사자 포기하지 않으며 장면 비디오 유명한 '크루거 전투'(마이너스 악어!)에 비슷한 상황에서 반복
남아 프리카 공화국에서 Idube 가메 보호에 마룰라 댐 주변 촬영
Epische Schlacht zwischen einem Rudel Löwen und eine Herde Büffel. Die Löwen Angriff ein Büffelkalb und die Herde wieder in den Youngster zu retten. Die Löwen nicht aufgeben und die Szene wiederholt sich in einer ähnlichen Situation wie die berühmte "Battle at Kruger" video (minus das Krokodil!)
Gefilmt in der Nähe von Marula Dam bei Idube Game Reserve in Südafrika
Batalla épica entre una manada de leones y una manada de búfalos. Los leones atacan a un ternero de búfalo y la manada vuelve a rescatar a la joven. Los leones no se dé por vencido y la escena se repite en una situación similar a la famosa "Batalla en Kruger" de vídeo (menos el cocodrilo!)
Batalha épica entre um grupo de leões e uma manada de búfalos. Os leões atacam um filhote de búfalo e do rebanho retorna para resgatar a jovem. Os leões não desistem ea cena se repete em uma situação semelhante à da "Battle at Kruger" famoso vídeo (menos o crocodilo!)
Filmado perto de Marula Dam em Idube Game Reserve na África do Sul
Bataille épique entre une troupe de lions et d'un troupeau de bisons. Les lions attaquent un veau du troupeau de buffles et de retours pour sauver le jeune. Les lions ne pas abandonner et la scène se répète dans une situation similaire à la fameuse «bataille de Kruger" vidéo (moins le crocodile!)
Filmé à proximité du barrage de Marula au Idube Game Reserve en Afrique du Sud
Epische strijd tussen een groep leeuwen en een kudde buffels. De leeuwen aanval een buffel kalf en de kudde terug te redden van de jongere. De leeuwen geef niet op en de scène herhaalt zich in een vergelijkbare situatie aan de beroemde "Battle at Kruger 'video (minus de krokodil!)
Dicht bij Marula Dam op Idube Game Reserve in Zuid-Afrika gefilmd
Epiese stryd tussen 'n trop leeus en' n trop buffels. Die leeus aanval 'n buffel kalf, en die trop terugkeer om die jongeling te red. Die Leeus moenie moed opgee nie en die toneel herhaal homself in 'n soortgelyke situasie op die beroemde "Battle at Kruger" video (minus die krokodil!)
Verfilm naby aan Marula-dam by Idube Game Reserve in Suid-Afrika
Эпическая битва между гордостью львов и стадо буйволов.Львов атаковать теленка буйвола и стадо возвращается, чтобы спасти мальчика.Львы не сдаваться и сцена повторяется в аналогичной ситуации в знаменитой "битве на Крюгера" видео (минус крокодила!)
Снятый близко к Marula плотины на Idube Game Reserve в Южной Африке GOOGLE+: http://gplus.to/robtheranger Subscribe to my channel for more quality wildlife videos: http://youtube.com/subscrip... Show less
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Idube Safari Highlights 2014 (Latest Sightings) Play

All the latest wildlife sightings highlights of 2014 filmed on safari at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa (http://www.idube.com/static).
The latest wildlife sightings feature animals seen on safari at Idube such as lions, leopards, elephants, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, cheetah, wild dogs, hyena and many more African animals.
Following the safari highlights from Idube enables you to keep up to date with the latest wildlife sightings and to follow the lives of the African wildlife that is seen in the western sector of the Sabi Sand Wildtuin in the Greater Kruger Park, South Africa.
LIVE AFRICAM WEBCAM FROM IDUBE: http://www.africam.com/wildlife/idube_webcam
IDUBE GAME RESERVE on Social Networks:
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/idube_lodge
BLOG: http://idubelodge.blogspot.com
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