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Ian David Marsden

Whiteboard Animation Video Sample by Marsden Illustration

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Whiteboard Animation Video Sample by Marsden Illustration

Incredible high quality drawings in custom made high definition whiteboard videos.
This is a unique service that we offer at Marsden Illustration.

What ARE Whiteboard Videos?

« Whiteboard animation » or « scribing videos » are terms for those really cool videos where a hand draws and writes in front of your eyes
and the story unfolds as you watch or elements are placed and slide around as the voice-over explains something.

These short videos are an entertaining and highly effective way of catching and also keeping the interest of your audience. In a world where more and more voices are screaming and shouting for viewers attention, Hey, look at me over here!and people's attention span and patience is getting shorter and shorter, professionally produced whiteboard videos are a marketing tool that has been proven to work extremely well.

The constant movement of the hand and the changing and developing images invites viewers to stay and not click away after three seconds like with a normal video.

Please visit the link below and contact me for a free quote on your very own, tailor-made whiteboard video.

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Wacom Videos by Ian Marsden Play

Ian David Marsden is a freelance illustrator, designer, animator and cartoonist. He is also a Wacom Evangelist and a Featured Artist on the Wacom.com website.


In these videos Ian takes you behind the scenes and under the hood and shows you how he works in different software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Manga Studio EX 4 and SketchBook Pro.

Video Scribing White Board Animation Play

You know those cool video scribing videos with the moving hand that draws stuff while the voice talks? Well I make those as well. Contact me at: info@marsdencartoons.com
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