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  • The OP said "energy". There's more to group chemistry than just vocals and other musical contributions. Left Eye was a Duracell bunny, always crackling with energy. She served as a power booster for the others in everything they did.

    TLC - Girl Talk

    • by TLCVEVO
    • 4 years ago
    Music video by TLC performing Girl Talk. (C) 2002 Arista Records, Inc.
  • But that is how psychopathic narcissists operate. They're highly intelligent and have a very persuasive and seductive personality that traps weak minds like flies in a jar. They can spot them in a second, seduce them and mold them into obedient tools that do the dirty work - the narcissist has no empathy for these pawns, nor the victims. Hitler never killed anyone personally, neither did Jim Jones... but man oh man how they could make it happen anyway.

    Charles Manson 2012 Parole Hearing

    UPDATE: Transcript for entire hearing is available at

    Story : http://withmean.in/HLMLKq
  • Who's "everyone"? Yeah, there are some who think Pitch Perfect did it first, there are even a handful who think that Anna Kendrick wrote the song. All these people are commonly known as "morons", so what you actually hate is morons. Other than moving to another planet, there's not much you can do about that, so better learn to live with it and not get worked up.

    You're Gonna Miss Me, Lulu and the Lampshades

    You can purchase the recorded version of this song (with an extra verse) at our bandcamp: http://luluandthelampshades.bandcamp.com/track/cups-youre...

    Lulu and the Lampshades are now La...
  • You guys were actually closest to the Swedish model in the 1950's when you had much greater income equality, AT&T's telecom monopoly and all that. Ironically, that's the era which many right-wingers talk about with dreamy eyes, the days before all went downhill...

    Wealth Inequality in America

    Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what...
  • "Jag pekar inte ut folk!" säger Adaktusson. Jaså. Kolla när han frågade ut Carl Bildt om flyktingpolitik 1990 (finns på YouTube). Innan intervjun är slut så har Adaktusson enväldigt bestämt att moderaterna är antidemokrater, främlingsfientliga och brunskjortor. När Bildt tröttnar på de falska anklagelserna och säger att Adaktusson företräder en antirationell och anti-intellektuell inställning svarar Adaktusson "vi företräder ingen inställning, vi ställer bara frågor"! Joråsåatte...

    Josefsson vs. Adaktusson

    Two famous swedish journalists, Janne Josefsson and Lars Adaktusson, debate about what boundaries investigative journalism should abide by.
  • Holy f*ck... I may be straight and equipped with a poor gaydar but NOBODY can fail on this no-brainer... Well, except Michele, apparently. Then again she has no brain.

    We Salute Marcus Bachmann, Gay Husband of michele bachmann

    We support the Gay husband of ghastly Gay-Bashing Anti-American religio-Psychotic Kook and Incompetent michele bachmann. We implore Marcus to dump his disgusting spouse and come out as an American ...
  • Extra bisarrt att exjugoslaver hatar honom eftersom det är Bildtregeringens förtjänst att de fick fly till Sverige. I december 1989 stängde S-regeringen i princip Sverige för 90% av all asylinvandring och massutvisade folk genom att sätta dem på bussar. Bildtregeringen rev upp det beslutet 1991, och 1992 tog vi emot nästan 70 000 flyktingar från Jugoslavien, och tacken blir att han kallas "massmördare"? Insanity.

    Massmördaren Carl Bildt

    En intelligent man bland publiken ropar "En som inte är misstänkt för folkrättsbrott" till skurken Carl Bildt.
  • And the black kid in the back goes "I want that Soylent Purple stuff..."


    • by BradZ1
    • 6 years ago
    Soylent Green is People!
  • We have no way of knowing who imitates who unless we get hold of Sia's original demo. The rendition she's doing here is clearly post-Rihanna (the audience knows the lyrics) and in the beginning she even (jokingly) imitates Rihanna's Barbadian accent. It's not unreasonable to think that Sia is in part imitating Rihanna's take on Diamonds because that's the version the audience is familiar with.

    Sia - Diamonds [Rihanna]

    For more videos, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/12EW5bu. Sia sings the song she wrote with Benny Blanco for Rihanna "Diamonds" and performs it with famed producers Stargate at the Norweigan-American...
  • "It will be extremely painful... for you." - Bane Lincoln

    the BEST idea of how Lincoln sounded and looked when moving

    based on a combination of expert voice analysis from historical research and relative to his approximate size (height/weight), and "video" developed over a period of time from a series of existing ...
  • Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends

    We also support gay marriage and equality. Here's why you should too. SUBSCRIBE! See more: Twitter: https://twitter.com/GayWomenChannel
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGayWomenChannel
  • Nu är det ju faktiskt så att Kanada har ett skitbra system där man handplockar ut potentiella invandrare efter utbildningsnivå, arbetsmeriter, språkkunskaper och personlig ekonomi, så om Annie kunde fixa ett sånt system skulle jag gärna rösta på henne -- jag skiter i hudfärg och religion bara folk kan tillföra något till landet. Men som det är nu släpper vi in tiotusentals analfabeter som inte gått grundskola och det skapar rasism, för att folk associerar invandrare med hopplösa socialfall.

    Annie bygger vidare på Mauds luftslott

    • by Wolf
    • 2 years ago
    I kvällens Agenda var Centerpartiets nya ordförande, Annie Lööf, gäst. Flosklerna haglade tätt och hon talade bland annat om "nybyggarlandet Sverige" och fortsätter därmed Maud Olofssons travesti t...
  • Hillary at 17:11 -- "Ohhh shit..."

    C-SPAN: Barack Obama Speech at 2004 DNC Convention

    • by C-SPAN
    • 5 years ago
    Then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama (D) delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Fred Phelps, is that you?

    Mos Def - Obama's real agenda

    let the revolution begin
  • As a representative of the rest of the world, I can verify that. It opened our eyes to what a bunch of clowns republicans are. The fact that they actually spent tax payer money and the president's time to yap about a blow job still resonates today as a reminder of the fact that the GOP doesn't give a shit about the country, they only care about their party and would gladly filibuster the shit out of any petty issue while the country was on fire, if it served their own agenda.

    Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News Part 2

    He wiped the smirk off their faces.
  • Gas prices have gone up worldwide, what the hell does that have to do with Obama? Are you saying that when the price went up from .30 to .95 in 1973, it was Nixon's fault?

    "Are You Better Off?"

    Ronald Reagan said this over 40 years ago—notice a similarity to today?
  • Not BLR's greatest. It's funny when you mess with serious stuff like drama and political debates... this movie was already funny. Random words strung together didn't make it funnier.

    "Iraqi Gold" — A Bad Lip Reading of "The Campaign"

    Drink a pretty Texas drink.
    Like on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/badlipreading
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    • CC
  • Yeah, "droppability" is such an important factor when buying computers! I picked my car based on photos of crashed ones, I picked my house based on pictures of houses hit by falling trees, and I cut my hair based on what happens to various hair styles when subjected to open fire. I had a hot girlfriend but after some stress testing I found that her legs broke rather easily, so I found myself a sturdy, big boned girl instead. Priorities FTW!!

    Apple's Unibody Design SUCKS!!

    Mac Fan-boys always say the same shit'
    ''Laptops suck because it's made of plastic 'and the Macbook Pro is awesome because its slim made of aluminium''
    Yes the New Macbook look nice but i wouldn...
  • Right, because Obama raised the gas prices. I hear he's behind Hurricane Sandy and AIDS, too.

    Whedon On Romney

    Still undecided? Think about the future.

    Please visit http://www.barackobama.com/ to support the candidate who won't bring about the zombie apocalypse.
    • CC
  • No. You need to pass laws that make it legal for EVERYONE to do this to tailgaters, and another law that makes it legal for state troopers to shoot tailgaters in the groin and leave them for the vultures. After all, a slow painful death is so much better than they deserve. What they truly deserve is a blind date with Hannibal Lecter and the guy from Se7en.

    Tailgating - Lost Highway

    One of my favorite scenes.
  • He let the tailgater off too easy by letting him keep all his body parts.


    Dont tailgate people or you might end up like this poor sucker!!! GIVE ME A THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS TO TAILGATERS AND DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE.

    Video from:lost highway b...
  • Banned iPhone 5 Promo

    • by JLE
    • 1 year ago
    apple iPhone 5 promo spoof written and directed by John Elerick
    subscribe: http://youtube.com/jle
    twitter: http://twitter.com/johnelerick
    facebook: http://tinyurl.com/brhkb64
    instagram: http://ins...
  • Well this checks and balances thing you have sounds good in theory, but nobody gets anything done when they just keep stalling, disrupting and sabotaging eachother's work. When the right took over here in Sweden in 2006 they could get busy with their road map and implement stuff at record speed, and it all worked out great. If they'd been in Obama's shoes, they'd still be on square one or two.

    Election 2012 | Obama vs. Romney: Complete Presidential Debate | The New York Times

    First presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the run up to the general election in November.

    Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n

    Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.c...
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