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  • It will take you 5 seconds on Google to verify that the first Tiger tanks were sent to the Eastern Front in 1942 and first used in the failed relief of Stalingrad. Indeed, it was a design created in response to the T-34. And, of course, one might spend 10 seconds reading up on the Battle of Kursk and the presence of Tigers there. How could this be unclear?

    Roads to Moscow

    • by c0756
    • 7 years ago
    Al Stewart's fantastic song 'Roads to Moscow' with a video I made from old WW2 newsreels.
  • PS went bankrupt in 1986. Run into the ground by CBS and then bought by Burke Mathes and really fouled up.

    Perfectly good company run into the ground by bean counting management who never understood retail.

    Watched it all happen from the inside. Sad, but that's biz.

    Pacific Stereo Threesome, 1978

    Sorry, just three commercials from 1977. If you live in the San Jose Bay Area in the 70's, this song is etched into your brain. Picked up this tape at their 'out of business' sale, along with doz...
  • I want the Republicans to stand up in public and chant DRILL BABY DRILL now.

    History has proven them an ass, again.

    The Democrats are Blocking Energy Independence: DRILL, DRILL: American Oil! Export for jobs!

    The Republicans are willing to give the Democrats what they want, but the Democrats just plain and simply will not allow any more drilling. Why are they being so stubborn? Why do they want us to co...
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