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[ɪYosʜɪKᴜɴ] AMV Japan Expo 2014 || Save Me !

1,968 views 3 weeks ago
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Anime: Bleach Jigoku-Hen
Song: Starset - My Demons
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10

Here's my entry video for Japan Expo AMV Contest 2014 !
I hope you'll like it because it's actually my best AMV, best project, best everything... I know the last 20 seconds of the AMV are failed (because I had no time, no scene and no ideas left) buuut I hope it'll not make you feel like the AMV is bad only because of this, coz' I really think that I make something really clean and good, especially on the first action part which I worked really hard on it.
Also thanks a lot to my team (Eria Team) for the help, to Ajisai for the marvelous wallpaper/banner for my AMV & especially thx like a lot to MagicDarkLight (MDL) who helped me & beta-tested me, go subscribe to them !
Btw tell me what you think of it and cya for a next video bros.
Peace \o

I haven't been selected, I'm a bit disapointed of this but ikik it's bleach, basic shonen AMV... etc. But, btw, I like my AMV so that's the only important thing I think. I'll make something best next time. ^^

Eria Team : https://www.youtube.com/use...
MagicDarkLight : https://www.youtube.com/use...
Ajisai Graphic : https://www.facebook.com/pa...

**NOTE: This video is made with non-profit or does not represent another company. This is purely made for One Piece Fan, Bleach and other Anime. Credited to TV Tokyo and Association. All the merit for the song or the video is going to their author or the artist of the song.**

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