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I PUT SOME GAS - tribute to northern New Mexico talk (and cars)

2,554 views 6 months ago
A loving tribute to the vehicles and lingo of northern New Mexico. Dedicated to the anti-fracking activist communities of Mora County, San Miguel County, and Las Vegas, NM.

Jim Terr © 2014 http://www.JimTerr.com

I put my gas, I drove to town,
I parked my ride, then I got down.
They told me something, I kicked their ass.
Got ten more dollars, put some more gas.

(oye, vez)

I landed out, driving all around.
Psss mi chavita, was all like down.
We rode all over, but not too fast.
Got down again, to put some gas.

(Orale pues) --Modulate-

Some days moreless, a total loss.
I'm just peeling it o'er here, aqui no mas.
If I had some money, I'd have some class.
Wouldn't stop so much, to put some gas.

(L) Orale vato. (R) Orale pues.
What it all means, pss you'll have to guess.
But it's a big state, so if you want to pass, (show NM map)
You'll have to stop, to put some gas.

Thanks to Edie Gonzales ( http://www.EdieGonzales.com ), Andrea, and to Tamara Lichtenstein for great photo of black car at 1:10.

See ROOTED LANDS ( Tierras Arraigadas ) video http://rootedlands.com/

and see FRACKING TODAY: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

and thanks to Kathleen Dudley of http://www.cldf.org

Here's a great bit with some of the same: Shit Burqueños (New Mexicans) Say

here's another.. Stuff Las Vegans Say our Northern New Mexican Accent Show less
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