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Camcorder Reviews by Art Speck

903 views 1 year ago
http://www.artspeck.com. Art Speck reviews new video cameras and details the differences between each model and each brand.

Video camera reviews are then uploaded to http://www.uscamcorderrevie... for US camcorder reviews and to http://www.ukcamcorderrevie... for UK camcorder reviews.

Camcorder deals can be much bigger if you read reviews by Art Speck FIRST

ART SPECK offers to inform and educate camcorder buyers to all the options worth considering BEFORE purchasing any mini camcorder, pocket camcorder, Consumer camcorder, Prosumer camcorder or professional camcorder.

Technology today is advancing at an ever increasing rate with new features such as AVCHD, BSI CMOS, 1080p or 1080i, and now some some of these from pocket camcorders to professional camcorders are dust proofed as well as waterproofed.

Camcorder reviews suggest the best digital video camera will record in 1920x1080, preferably 1080p for the very best resolution, AVCHD MPEG-4 compression with a BSI CMOS sensor for best low light shots, have a large touch panel LCD screen with an internal flash memory as well as an SD card or Micro SD card for extra storage.
Camcorder Features

The smart thing is to understand what these new features will do for you as a movie maker, recognise the features which you need or can do without, either to keep within your budget or to match the purpose you will be buying that video camera for.

Just a quick explanation of AVCHD, Advanced Video Coding High Definition. AVCHD is a high quality MPEG-4 compression system used in many professional AVCHD camcorder models but now showing up in our Prosumer camcorder reviews and even in the high end Consumer camcorders. Only the Big 4, Canon camcorders, Panasonic camcorders, the Sony camcorder, and the JVC camcorder use the AVCHD Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution format in their HD camcorder models.

As a Professional Videographer for 30 years, I've had to teach myself and keep abreast of all these over the years so that I didn't overspend my budget while still staying at the forefront of the technology of the day, get the client to recognize I knew what my role was in their production, and offer opinions for the client to consider in order to get value for money.

If you are new to video, I suggest you follow my lead, for even today there are so many opportunities to either earn a living from Videography or just to improve your skill base.

I was fortunate to be a Charter member of the Institute of Videography over 25 years ago and learned from Piers in the industry and attended seminars and trade shows. You can do likewise, or join local clubs whose members will be all too willing to display their equipment and demonstrate their expertise which you will also learn yourself.

At Art Speck.com I introduce you to new camcorders and equipment with a short camcorder review summary in a few paragraphs before giving you a link to my full camcorder reviews which are usually at US Camcorder Reviews or UK Camcorder Reviews.

I compare groups of video camera models either within one price range or across several price groups, or I may compare features or brands, and I will either post them here or on one of the sites above.
Camcorder Buying Summary

In conclusion and as a recap, our camcorder reviews indicate that movie makers regard the best camcorder as an HD camcorder which will record in 1920x1080, preferably 1080p with AVCHD MPEG-4 compression, a huge internal flash memory as well as an SDHC SD card or Micro SD card for extra storage, a BSI CMOS sensor for best low light shots, a large touch panel LCD screen and an EVF would be an added bonus. Sony HDR-CX700 video cameras have all of these features.

So for all mini camcorder, pocket camcorder, Consumer camcorder, Prosumer camcorder or professional camcorder reviews, be sure to read a camcorder review by Art Speck.

Finally, I have a FaceBook Page full of camcorder reviews where the latest camcorder reviews are posted.

Comments or questions regarding any of my camcorder reviews are always welcome and hopefully will be answered quickly. Show less
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