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"SideLines" By Hungry-412***NEW***2014

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(Verse 1)-Hungry-412

Cuz I Don't Sugar Coat Shit,Cuz Ain't Nothing Sweet
I Bring It Direct And Live Strait From The Streets
If You Ain't Banging Wit Me Keep It To Your Fuckin' Self
In The Burgh Niggas Keep A Banger For They Health
Yeah Ya Life Expectancy Went Up Like 10 Years
But You Ain't Fuckin' Wit That Fed Time It's Like 10 Years
Do The Math...Or Do The Time....
Pop A Molly,Smoke Some Loud,Or Do A Line
Do What U Just Desire All Ways Keep Ya Self In Mind
Don't Never Cheat Ya Self Treat Ya Self All The Time
Cuz When You On The Bottom,They Can't Fuckin' Hate
And When You On The Top,They Can't Fuck Wait
So Keep Them Waiting,Keep Them Hating,Keep Them Fantasizing
Keep On Making...Ways For You To Make It Out
Leave Them Hataz Hating,And Re-Evaluating Every Situation..

(Chorus) Repeat x3
I'm In The Game,You's A Sideline Pro...
Yaw Sideline Niggas And Fuck Sideline Hoes...
It's A Shame...
Some Niggas Die By Foes,Some Niggas Die By Hoes,Some Niggas Die By Poes
It's All The Same..

(Verse 2)-Hungry-412

I Stay Hungry Cuz I'm Trying To Die Rich
Paid In Full In The Club Money Mitch
You Dug A Hole,Cuz You Dig A Certain Chick
I'm Trying To Make My Dreams Come True Fuck A Wish
I Had My Head On Strait,But Ran Wit Crooked Niggas
Neva' Had Shit,They Just Took It Niggas
I'm A Pittsburgh Vet,Fuck Yaw Rookie Niggas
Rap HANCOCK "What You Want A Cookie" Nigga
Yaw Off-Brand,Yaw Don't Want No Smoke
Not Even Second-Hand,Can't Be Lacking Life's No Joke
You Lost Ya Life On The Humbug On Some Okey-Doke
I Use To Live By The Gun
Now I Rather Poke
I Use To Get Tax 6 For A Brick,U Just Start Selling Dope
You Think You The Shit,Until You Get Flushed Like Coke
When Task Hit,But The Judge Going Hit Harder
And If You Got A PD,Say Good-Bye To Ya Daughter

(Chorus) Repeat x3
I'm In The Game,You's A Sideline Pro...
Yaw Sideline Niggas And Fuck Sideline Hoes...
It's A Shame...
Some Niggas Die By Code,Some Niggas Die By Foes,Some Niggas Die By Hoes
It's All The Same..

(Verse 3)-Hungry-412

I'm In My Own Lane,Doing My Own Thang
I'm On My Own Watch,I Play In My Own Game
I Made My Own Name,While You Fuckin' My Old Dame
The Only Thing That Changed,I'm On Bigger And Better Things
I Keep It Legal,Just In Case These Niggas Sing
Music To My Ears,My Name Ring Bells
And If I'm On The Block,My Name Bring Sells
My Name Hold Weight,No Need To Bring A Scale
Cuz I'm Dipping My Nigga,I'm Gone Play It By Eye
That Ain't A Whole One,Nigga That 26.5
You's A Dam Lie,Caught Ya Ass Trying To Be Fly
I Take My Business Personal,So I Might Let Them Fly
And If U Live,Next Time You See Me It Should Be Hi And Goodbye
Or You Gone Be Dead In The Dirt Or High In The Sky
I Work Full-Time,Hustle From 9-5...Hustle From 9-5 Show less
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