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Michael Hayes

Mr. Hayes' YouTube Science

1,580 views 1 year ago
A great resource for Concept Review, Home School Students, Parental Support, At-Risk Students, Alternative Education & Student's with Special Needs.

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Mr. Hayes' Chemistry Videos Play

In this series of videos we look at middle school chemistry including: lab equipment, atomic theory, atomic structure, periodic table, physical and chemical properties, ions, isotopes, balancing chemical equations and many labs supporting these topics

Mr. Hayes' Physics Videos Play

In this playlist we look at Middle School Physical Science with topics that cover: Newton's Laws of Motion, balanced and unbalanced forces, net forces, speed and force equations, roller coaster physics, sports physics and labs that support these topics

Mr. Hayes' Earth Science Videos Play

This playlists is still being added to, we will be looking at the following topics: plate tectonics, Pangaea, topographic maps, satellite views of Earth, erosion, weathering, deposition, weather, convection currents, relative humidity, wind speed, cold and warm fronts, weather maps, forecasting and more

Mr. Hayes' Space and Astronomy Play

These videos are related to the solar system, our galaxy and our Universe.

Mr. Hayes' Video Lesson Tutorials Play

These videos are designed to assist teachers as well as students in their ability to create online videos and lessons. Through this series of videos we will be looking at basic to advance editing in I-Movie, the use of green screens, cut-aways and picture in picture. We will also be learning how to set up Youtube channels and how to utilize Facebook and Twitter to compliment your lessons and videos.

Miscellaneous Videos Play

These videos are lessons or other videos I have created that do not currently have a content category.
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