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Proven Winners Flowering Shrubs

A Better Flowering Shrub

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Discover the Proven Winners difference as you explore our line-up of beautiful, award winning flowering shrubs. Each plant variety has been carefully tested and selected by our team of horticulturists to help you achieve your gardening and landscaping dreams.

Providing more color with less effort is what we're all about. You will notice that many of our shrubs have colorful foliage that extend the season of interest. Others are compact or dwarf in habit, meaning they don't require as much pruning. Still others have extended bloom times, interesting fruit or fall color so that you get more color.

So don't settle for less. ColorChoice shrubs from Proven Winners give more color - without all the work. Show less
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10 Beautiful, Easy to Grow Hydrangeas Play

Hydrangeas have the reputation for being difficult. Cold winters or incorrect pruning often lead to plants without flowers. Some varieties were developed for florists and don't grow well in a garden. Some are prone to wilting when grown in full sun.

The solution is to start with the right hydrangea. This playlist features hydrangeas that are very hardy, very easy to grow and certain to reward you with loads of blooms, year after year. You cannot go wrong with these Proven Winners.

Dwarf and Mini Shrubs Play

Are you looking for smaller shrubs that take up less space and require less pruning? These dwarf and mini shrubs just might be the answer. Plant them in multiples of 3, 5 or 7 to get the best effect. They are great for mixing in with your perennials or planted in decorative containers for your deck or patio.
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