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hopskotch Records

VA - DIVERGENCE [hopsk005] 18.10.12 NETZAIR PROMO

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di·ver·gence (d-vûrjns, d-) n.

1. a. The act of diverging.
b. The state of being divergent.
c. The degree by which things diverge.

2. Physiology A turning of both eyes outward from a common point or of one eye when the other is fixed.

3. Departure from a norm; deviation.

4. Difference, as of opinion. See Synonyms at deviation, difference.

5. Biology The evolutionary tendency or process by which animals or plants that are descended from a common ancestor evolve into different forms when living under different conditions.

6. Mathematics The property or manner of diverging; failure to approach a limit.

After much anticipation, Hopskotch Records delivers its second 18 track compilation,
featuring a selection of established and emerging artists from around the globe
working in the fringes of bass music and electronica.

Beatport Exclusive
Mastered by Schallzentrale GmbH
Cover Artwork by Lysdexic
Video by Netzair

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