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Leyla Najma's Hip Phylosophy

Belly Dancing by Leyla Najma, Hip Phylosohy Belly Dance Mobile App

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Belly Dance Lessons by Leyla Najma
9608 Palomita Ct NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

The Hip Phylosophy Belly Dance Mobile App has been updated and expanded. It now includes a total of 11 videos. 10 of which are instructional videos. Of the 10 5 are Egyptian Goddess Inspired videos.
1. Goddess Hathor
2. Goddess Sati
3. Goddess Anquet
4. Goddess Isis and
5. Goddess Atum

What makes these videos unique is the fact that they're tailored for the on the go mobile belly dancer. They're 6 to 9 short videos so you can get in get a new set of combinations and then be on your way. You don't have to spend 60 minutes or so watching a full length belly dance instructional video to pick up a new move, or combination

The App also includes a link for a 5 Day Free Trial to Belly Dance Village (http://bellydancevillage.com) where you can get access to all 40+ instructional videos,
articles and interviews.

Hip Phylosophy is a "Dance Like You" curriculum. Moves and combinations can be easily adapted to your existing choreography so you can "Create a Style of Your Own".

Belly Dancing Leyla Style Mobile is available for a limited time for $2.99 as with the addition of the new videso a price incease is planned.

For the Antroid at
For the iPhone at
http://goo.gl/wTnBy Show less
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Belly Dancing Mobile Apps by Leyla Najma

Belly Dancing Mobile Apps by Leyla Najma: We're happy to help on the go mobile belly dancers get instructional videos on their smart phone and tablet devices - especially now that phones and tablets can be easily ported to the television it's every bit as good and way more convenient to be able to take your belly dancing on the go, in your back pocket then having to lug around DVDs. You can even practice your moves and combinations at the grocery store and wouldn't that get peoples attention. I love it!
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