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Steve Wilson

Challenge & Encourage Believers Play

A collection of vids to challenge & encourage believers to continue on with a lifestyle of repentance & obedience. Its that whole "less of me, more of Him" thing.

Cult: 'Fellowship of the Martyrs' End Times Deception Play

FOTM Exposed

In this playlist is a collection of personal testimonies of people who were involved with youtuber fotm1 Doug Perry & rancherforchrist Chris Evans and their so called 'ministry' "Fellowship of the Martyrs".

These vids show how the messages & teachings of FOTM are in conflict with the whole counsel of God; they also show their bad fruit, continued sin in the name of God, which they claim God tells them to do (its not a sin if God, tells you to do it). These vids also show that the voice they listen & obey (which the claim is god) is actually a false god, a false christ and a lying deceptive spirit.

These vids also show how mind control techniques are used on its members (testimonies from ex-fotm members). The end result is that 'fotm' and "Fellowship of the Martyrs" is a cult.

These testimonies included are not from just internet chat room members but people who lived with & at fotm leaders, Doug Perry & Chris Evans. Some ex-members were very deep in the deception - some were commissioned as apostles and prophets, others were ordained as pastors.

My wife & I were commissioned as prophets for FOTM and I was ordained by both Doug Perry & Chris Evans by the command of the deceptive spirit they follow. We were annointed with oil twice at the command of their false god and witnessed many things not seen on youtube (false teaching, adultery, fornication, divorce, sin & much, much more that goes against God's word).

The deception the enemy uses is like a snake - its hard to see from far away, but when your up close, its easy to see, especially when you test everything against the standard of God's word, the bible.

Please pray for all involved that God will rescue His sheep.
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