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Rock 'n' Roll Jonkies 2014 Play

In 2014 is er weer een nieuwe editie van Rock N Roll Jonkies, de plek waar jonge muzikanten zich in de kijker kunnen spelen!

Elk jaar zien we bij Rock N Roll jonkies nieuwe gezichten en wordt er talent gespot op het podium van Café Trianon door progammers, de muziekpers en muziekliefhebbers.

Meedoen aan Rock N Roll Jonkies is sowieso winnen. We bieden de Deelnemers dit jaar niet alleen coaching aan, maar er worden ook masterclasses gegeven door bekende jonge muzikanten.


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De Roos van Nijmegen 2014 Play

De Roos van Nijmegen is dé bandcompetitie voor ambitieuze beginnende bands uit de regio Nijmegen! -- E: info@roosvannijmegen.nl; T: 024 - 3554243

De Roos van Nijmegen is een jaarlijks terugkerende bandcompetitie georganiseerd door Stichting Doornroosje en Muziek en danscafé Merleyn en biedt sinds 1986 het perfecte podium voor ambitieuze beginnende bands en acts met een eigen repertoire uit de regio Nijmegen. Van rock tot hiphop, van metal tot ska, van alles heeft in de afgelopen 26 jaar de revue gepasseerd. Dit maakt de Roos van Nijmegen dé plek om jouw act lokaal op de kaart te zetten!

Kijk voor meer info en muziekfragmenten van onze deelnemers ook op:



Only Seven Left Play

There are many ways to start a band. Maybe a manager finds some good looking boys through a talent show. Or a singer-songwriter brings together a group of brilliant musicians to accompany him onstage. Only Seven Left was formed the old school way. Two boys meet in high school and they happen to like the same music. One plays piano, one plays guitar and he persuades his little brother to buy a bass guitar. They flip a coin to decide who has to sing.

That was 2006. Seven years later Only Seven Left has had their share of line-up changes and their music grew from acoustic pianopop to poppy punkrock to danceable rock. One thing remains: friendship is still the foundation everything is built on. After a successful independent release of debut album It Was All A Dream in 2010 a sold out tour across the country follows. Teen magazines can't stop writing about the band and the online following grows to an extend that even radio and serious press can no longer ignore.

In 2011 a new friend is added to the group: Bjørgen shows off his songwriting skills during the online auditions for a new lead singer and he is the obvious winner from day one. The competition draws a lot of attention from national media and major labels. The band wins the Interactive Artist Award for their use of social media to relate to their fans. Only Seven Left's video diaries, in which they document literally every single thing they do, are infamous even among people who are not that into their music.

After an intense creative month in the studio, in April 2012 EMI releases Only Seven Left's new album Anywhere From Here. Singles Love Will Lighten The Dark, Higher and Turn Your Head Around make it to the playlists of national radio and enter the charts. In reviews the fresh new sound is compared to Two Door Cinema Club, Katy Perry and 30 Seconds To Mars.

Is there anything better than a long drive in a small, smelly van with your best friends, on your way to the next show? Or on a plane, if you will. Only Seven Left has toured in foreign countries such as Egypt, the UK, Belgium, Indonesia and Turkey.

After a heavy year of recording, touring and promoting, in 2013 the band takes some time to work on individual projects and to write new songs. Only Seven Left has never released a new song that sounded like the last one and the band is always looking to try new things. As grateful as the band members are to their active and loyal fanbase, a fear of losing fans is not keeping them from experimenting with influences from electronic dance music.

In the near future Only Seven Left will release new songs on a regular basis, accompanied by an almost overwhelming amount of videos. In 2014 national and international tours are planned. Because there is nothing better than rocking out on stage with your best friends and looking at their faces to realize all of them are thinking the same thing. Yes, this is why we started a band!


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Kaf en Koren 2014 Play

Sinds 2005 organiseert Cultuur op de Campus: Kaf en Koren! Kaf en Koren is de leukste studentenbandwedstrijd van Nijmegen en een goede opstap voor beginnende bands. Deelnemende bands treden op in het CultuurCafé, waar zij feedback krijgen van een deskundige jury en voor een groot publiek spelen. De beste bands uit de voorrondes staan op 12 juni in de finale in Doornroosje. De band die in de finale als winnaar uit de bus komt, raakt in het bezit van een fantastisch prijzenpakket!

Kijk voor meer informatie op onze website.

De jaarlijks terugkerende bandwedstrijd voor Nijmeegse studenten, georganiseerd door Cultuur op de Campus. www.ru.nl/cultuuropdecampus/kafenkoren

Valkhof Festival Play

De Affaire/Valkhof Festival 2011 t/m 2013!

Krachtstroom Festival 2013 Play

Op zondag 25 augustus 2013 wordt in het Rijnboog gebied in Arnhem weer het Krachtstroom Festival georganiseerd. Luxor Live, Willemeen, Popcentrum Jacobiberg, Café De Kroeg en TK07 gaan weer aan de slag. Met het Krachtstroom Festival 2012 trapten deze partijen gezamenlijk het nieuwe seizoen af op één van de mooiste locaties van Arnhem. Ondanks de regenbuien in 2012 wist het festival meer dan 3000 bezoekers naar het Rijnboog gebied en omgeving te trekken! Dit jaar schijnt de zon!


The Liquid Machine Play

The Liquid Machine combines pounding rhythms with grinding guitars and melodic vocals. Their slick live performances have built them a solid fan base and resulted in raging reviews. This well oiled rock machine is influenced by many genres and musical styles including early nineties alternative rock, blues and stoner. Their gripping sounds gets under your skin, making you want to sing, jump and shout along. Their music has been described as the "rock sound of Queens of the Stone Age" and " guitars of Pearl Jam" combined with "a voice that reminds you of Chris Cornell".

The band was founded 2 years ago but they have already shown they are a force to be reckoned with. They took home both awards at the 'Roos van Nijmegen', receiving both the jury and the public vote. Winning the public vote during the Gesel van Gelderland showed their popularity beyond their home town Nijmegen. They have rocked festivals such as De Affaire and Oranje Pop and performed at Doornroosje, Club 3voor13 and Merleyn as well as venues in other part of the country.

Their debut EP, which released May 2013, demonstrates in no small way how far they have come in the past two years. It also shows a very promising glimpse of what to expect in the future. Experiencing their contagious energy on stage is something that needs to be on your 2013 bucket-list. You'll find it impossible to stand still when the band steps into gear to deliver their charged live shows!


The Naked Sweat Drips Play

This band is something else! The Naked Sweat Drips bring heavy rock music in a way you don't know it yet. TNSD are distinctive for their double-barrelled guitar battalion, their aggressive, thick bass, a raging bull behind the drums and a screaming Hammond organ that revs up the rock 'n roll engine to its max. This instrumental armoury is complemented with a voice that sends shivers down your spine and anger in your heart.

Music journalist Paul Aerts of the Dutch webzine 3voor12 Gelderland about the band:
"Gutsy guitar melodies, beastly drums and well-timed breaks: it is a feast to listen and watch these talented musicians."


Jimmi Vos - Drums
Rick Veldkamp - Bass
Luc Jeuken - Hammond
Kristian Strik - Leadguitar
Winand Derks van de Ven - Rhythm Guitar
Stefan Kollee - Vocals

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Ashes Of Many Play

"We don't easily fit a genre. We combine our individual musical influences, and this way we manage to develop our own sound, which we tend to call melodic metalcore."

Their recently released debut album 'Seasons Never Change' gives a steady impression of the band's variated sound, with a blend of heavy single-coil guitar riffing, ground-shaking breakdowns and powerful melodic chorusses.

Ashes of Many played shows in venues such as 013 Tilburg, Doornroosje, Nijmegen, opened the well-known 'Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen' and visited Germany and Belgium during their 'Meet The Neighbours' tour. Ashes of Many played with bands including Texas In July, Heart In Hand, No Turning Back, Vera Cruz and Unchained Breathing.

In November 2010 the band recorded their first promotion-CD "No Bright Lights" at Sound Vision Studio's. It was self-released in January 2011, free for download.
In June 2012 the band got signed by SVS Productions and they returned to Sound Vision Studio's for the recording of their debut full-length album 'Seasons Never Change' which was released March 14th 2013.

Vocals: Koen
Guitar: Roland
Guitar: Nout
Bass: Joren
Drums: Dimitri

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ashesofmany
Myspace: http://myspace.com/ashesofmany
Youtube: http://youtube.com/ashesofmany
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ashesofmany
Reverbnation: http://reverbnation.com/ashesofmany
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