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  • Wolf Chronicles of fayte

    wolf game.wmv

    • 4 years ago
    This the part where your character falls asleep and enters the first dream. While in her dream she has become a wolf
  • She was saying it's not wolfquest, and nwo the new look is better than wolf quest as far as graphics go, and the gameplay will be as well ;)

    Wolf Chronicles of Fayte Concept

    • 4 years ago
    This was an old demo for a new game that is currently being made at Triconcept.webs.com (Yes it is the same coyote used in W.Q.) No, I did not steal it.-
    The coyote was on...
  • @HachTHEAliha

    Exactly ;)

    Robot game with Unity 3d

    • 4 years ago
    Game I made in Unity 3d. It's a mech/ 3rd person/Fps game.
  • P.M me if ya want, maybe I can help you guys. I'm home for the week so I can try my best to answer any questions, I have a lot of sources for models/scripts/ect. at my disposal. I have zbrush, 3dsmax 8 and 9, Milkshape, Torque Constructor, fragmotion, and a few others I use to make my own models.

    Sci fi Unity 3d FPS Game

    • 3 years ago
    The level where your ship crashes and lands on an alien planet...
  • @DurbBob A model I got from a good friend. He is a professional modeler and helped me to make models

    Unity 3d character

    • 4 years ago
    http://www.mediafire.com/?n5wwnnyt0uy =Female test animation demo
    One of the main characters for an rpg adventure game I'm making. The characters will be able to swim underwater.
  • Yes it is :D

    Unity3d Fps spider game

    • 4 years ago
    Testing the tank you get in the game. The game will have a destructible environment. As you can see I animated some trees within Unity. Please know this tank is a prototype and the real one will be...
  • Maybe you need to move on...get a better song with a bteer person. :) Just remember my friend....Good things can happen from accidents, and mistakes....even break ups......:) I almost gave up , after having girls stand me up about 4 times in a row...after heaving my heart torn in pieces....from my ex.....then I met an amazing girl, who 2 years later I'm now engaged with. :) So please, i know it's hard but don't give up, You'll find ur one. And she'll be the best for you. :)

    Tear Down The Stars by The Years Gone By

    This is the song Tears Down The Stars by The Years Gone By from the 2008 album, Forever Comes Too Soon.

    Picture this.
    The rain is pouring outside,
    and the street lights,
    they wont giv...
  • Holy crud man!!!!! This is incredible!!!!!! I'm downloading the free version now..hope this is in the demo. :p

    Unity3 Water Example

    This is a sample of the new water inside of unity3. Unity 3 was released the other day with many new, amazing features. Overall it makes it a better 3d engine over unity 2.6.

    You can grab a 30 day...
  • Me and my fiancee love to listen to this song in the car, TSL is nice road trip music.; )

    The Starting Line - Island (Float Away)

    Music video by The Starting Line performing Island.
  • lol IU'd rather have clinton than Obama, and I'm def not wanting Obama's baseball obsessed vice president to be president instead..:(..Get either McCain in, or put Clinton back, or raise Reagan from the dead

    YouTube Interview with President Clinton

    President Bill Clinton answers citizen questions submitted through Moderator on YouTube in this special interview.

    Topics discussed include Haiti, plans to put a mosque near Ground Zero, the hi...
    • CC
  • No i'm talking ab out any version...the creators of Crysis played this game on the Ps3 but they ahd to max out the Ps3 in order to do it. Hence why P.c's are more powerful and can run games better than the ps3 or xbox 360. :) And hence why it can't be played cause they almost fried the Ps3 playing it. :) But yes, Ps3 and Xbox 360 both suck compared to the P.C. I agree ;)

    Crysis Gameplay Trailer

    A trailer showcasing various gameplay elements in Crysis.
  • And the one on Wiki just changes the fog, but you also added an audio to it, the underwater sounds.....from the island demo.....I'm just guessing..so please tell me how you did it, if you don't wanna explain it in front of everyone then can you please P.M me about it? I'd really like to have this kind of effect for my game...And I've been working on making a script work but i cna't get it.....:(

    Waterfall (Unity3D)

    Little game demo created for Level Design contest. Made in 3-4 days.
  • Sounds cool man. :) Good luck with it bro. may the Force....or um..may Unity 3D be with you.. lol

    Unity3d space game tech scene

    • by Muhtar3
    • 4 years ago
  • Thank you sooo much my friend, YOU';RE THE MAN!!! YEAH!!!!! :) XDXDXDXD :D Awesome, well no rush buddy, I'm making a game, and actually uploaded a vid of one of the levels......I'm making every level except the first one, cause the first level is in space.."hence where your tutorial will come in handy..:) Can;t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thnx again buddy!!! :)

    Unity 3D Game omega-dash 02

    Here is the laste update of the game with no name :)
    The test is now a game indeed i put some enemies!!!
    Thank you guys for your kind words on my frist video.

    Music by Zéphirin Zéfirelli

    If you h...
  • Ok......I can tell you the steps....first download the lerpz tutorial from unity3d.com, then message me and I'll help you..;)

    Unity 3d Character test in space level.wmv

    • 4 years ago
    This is one of the levels in the game. The character's sword is a holographic laser sword. Engine I'm using as always is Unity 3D Version 6.1
  • Lol why don't you show the ship crashing? and what happens when it crashes? I assume it's cause you can't. You're still having the same problem I am, using "Your" script by the way. Since the ship's a child to the camera, the ship's collision isn't detected at all..............:(

    space shooter - [Unity 3D] Part 6

    ...oowwww.... i´m hit by the capitalship´s lasers :D
  • No that's the one before 24 secs. There is another band he picked after New Found Glory, but before he picked the starting line. New found glory doesn't play trumpets. lol

    The Starting Line - Best Of Me (Original Version)

    • by kannop
    • 7 years ago
    The Starting Line - Best Of Me original one with the guy dancing on the machine
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