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Lauren Tate

My Reflection - Lauren Tate

4,015 views 1 month ago
My Reflection by Lauren Tate from the EP 'My Reflection' (c) 2014
Video Recorded and Produced by Lauren Tate
Audio Recorded at Flat Wave Studio Available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb... ...

My Reflection
Im amused how everyone is lying
Im confused whenever people talk
And you know about as much as you don't know about me
Im about as confusing as the world

Im too sad to even care about crying
Im too numb to even feel nothing
Im about as ugly as the mirror
Is that really me who's staring back?

Where is the light?
What is this life?

I am all so happily depressing
Come to me if you fancy going insane
Maybe god is sick of my complaining
Does he sigh every time I sit and pray?

Im about as happy as my reflection
Im about as sad as a kitten in the rain
We are all floating in this universe
Who the hell am I suppose to be?

Where is the light?
What is the life?
Where is the fight?
Where is the light?

We are all floating in this universe
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