Dynamic optical/visual illusions

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Dynamic optical/visual illusions

INCREDIBLE! A beautiful Ballerina doing a special trick. Beauty combined with illusion.

16,837 views 1 year ago
All my movies are about visual (optical) illusions and have to move to perceive the illusion.
This movie is a typical example of the movies on my channel. My movies can be strange or even a bit scary but have no screamers.
The ballerina and the fence in this movie are rotating together as one rigid thing. No joints.
Nontheless we perceive the ballerina rotating in a different way as the fence. This is known as the Ames window effect. The fence (window) has a build in perspective. It looks like we see the fence a bit from the side but it isn't. When we try to get this video into our brain, we make a beautiful mistake.
I like to thank Nikola Dechev who made the 3D model of the ballerina. Show less
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