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"One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley pt. 2" by @heathertraska

2,294,062 views 1 year ago
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Thank you for watching my "One-Woman A Cappella Disney Medley PART 2!" To those of you new to my channel, my name is Heather Traska, I am 19 years old, and make these videos in my free time (I'm in college).


-124 days

-30 looks/characters

-15 songs

-3 weeks to edit

-recorded myself using Garageband

-arranged entirely by ear

-edited myself using Final Cut Express

-make up and costumes done myself (click here to see sketches I made: http://www.instagram.com/he...).

This video is in part a 50,000 subscriber thank you video. This is the only way I know how to thank you all for being so supportive and lovely.

Also, by now I think I've made it pretty evident that I love Disney with every fiber of my being. I grew up with these songs, and this is my way of paying homage to the films that inspired me to become who I am today.

Huge thank you to Anthony Rodriguez (http://www.youtube.com/goob...) for helping me out with literally everything in this video (including, but not limited to, the bubble). I couldn't have done it without you. Love you, big bro. Shout out to the rest of the lovely BAJWRS, too.

Thank you to my family and friends (love you, lil buddies) for being so supportive of me throughout this entire process. I love you guys so much.

Shout out to Nick Pitera (http://www.youtube.com/user...) for being a huge inspiration for these medleys.

All rights go to Disney for the songs and cartoons. :) LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH DISNEY PEOPLES!

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