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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl channel info for Newbies

127,038 views 7 months ago
My channel is filled with ghosty adventures, the haunting in my house, paranormal mystery and the occasional zombie. Be sure and subscribe!

Mi canal está lleno de aventuras ghosty, del misterio en mi casa, paranormal misterio y el zombi ocasional. Asegúrese de suscripción!

私のチャネルはGhostyの冒険で満たされている、私の家、超­常現象の謎と、時折ゾンビに忘れられない。必ずと購読! Show less
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1. The Original Haunting Play

START HERE! These are the events of what has happened to me in order. This is the first time I started documenting my haunting and things have progressed from here. If you're new to my channel or videos start with this playlist. Move on the to Oregon coast playlist next. And so on! Welcome!

Real Life Paranormal Activity Play

2. Haunted Hotel Road Trip Play

This playlist documents what happened to me directly after the videos in the original haunting playlist. If you want to know what happened to me and in order you should watch this playlist right after you watched the original haunting playlist. And then after this one move on to the Summer 2011 playlist for some craziness! This playlist is for the road trip my mom and I take to the Oregon coast! We visit some haunted locations and have some fun. Blah!

3. The Cult & the Demon Play

This playlist covers the events that happened to me in the summer of 2011. When we moved in to our house I started sensing it was haunted, but I never knew it would go this far.

Return to the Cabin in the Woods Play

The Woodsman Play

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