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Harjot Hundal

Shaan Mutiyaaran Di @ Warrior Bhangra 2014

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This is Shaan Mutiyaaran Di, representing New York NY performing at Warrior Bhangra 2014. They were given the team congeniality award, for being the most respectful and professional team during the entire registration/show process.

Warrior Bhangra 2014 was held at the Bob Hope theater in Stockton California on March 29, 2014.

Yellow: Reeda Saleem, Divya Krishna
Blue: Malika Chatlapalli, Anesha Agarwal
Red: Laamia Islam, Naomi Shah
Orange: Sonya Chandra, Sohini Sircar
Purple: Manpreet Brar, Rachana Gandhi
Green: Shana Narula, Iris Huang

Dholi: Avish Arora

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Bhangra Idols Showdown 2013 Play

Bhangra Idols Showdown 2013 was held in Coquitlam British Columbia Canada at the Red Robinson Show Theater on October 13 2013. Bhangra Idols is known to be "the" biggest competition in British Columbia, and is considered to be the hardest judged Bhangra competition in the world. For more information about the show please visit www.bhangraidols.com

Junior Category Winners:
1 Shan E Punjab Juniors
2 TMD Girls Bhangra

Senior Category Winners:
1 Shan E Punjab Seniors
2 Vancity Bhangra
3 Bhangra Queens

Best Dressed team:
Shan E Punjab Seniors

Best Spirit Squad:
Bhangra Queens

Most Entertaining team:
Vancity Bhangra

Bhangra Fever 4 Play

Bhangra Fever 4 was held in Binghamton New York on February 16 2013 at the Osterhout Concert Theater, on the campus of Binghamton University.

First Place: Nachde Gabru Punjab De (NGPD)

Second Place: Da Real Punjabiz (DRP)

Third Place: Cornell Bhangra & Bhangra Empire

Peoples Choice: Bhangra Empire
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