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♎【hanashin】Jishou Mushoku / 自傷無色 -を歌ってみた [HBD O'Ren (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)]

202 views 11 months ago
Note: Headphones/earphone, please?
Mp3 : http://soundcloud.com/hanas...

Long time no see *laughs* Perhaps you all think that I'm dead, well, I'm not that worth to be remembered actually. Ehe.
It's a beautiful song from Nekobolo, and this is my birthday present for my friend~ O'Ren dechu ( http://www.youtube.com/chan... )
Translated lyrics: Natz dechu~~~

Birthday Greeting! : Herooow~ I know I shouldn't have given you this kind of thing for your birthday. This song is depressing but somehow I teared up when I sang this and I'm not lying :'D This is too beautiful... and killing me *whacked* Aaaand~ happy birthday, you're 20 y.o. now~ an adult now, at least literally *lol* What more should I say? I'm just hoping that God will always love you, that's all ;) Nothing's good if we're out of God's path, ne?

Girl, life is hard, life is difficult, people just always laugh at you from the things that you do and even if you dissapeared from this world... nothing particular will be changed in this world, just like this song meaning. However, just remember that you've your only God who always knows you better. Just believe in your God that you were born for something, you're only 20, there is still a long way to do. Even the 50s still can change the world. God knows you better :)

HBD and thank you for always being my friend for this... 3 years? Ehehehe xDDDb Sorry for the lame present, I can't do anything but this... seriously... /cries At least, I sang with my heart for yah /slapped :'D (because I feel the same ahahah) Show less
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