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John Halcyon Styn

"What is Hug Nation & The Belief Buffet?" April17, 2012

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"What is Hug Nation all about?!"

-An opportunity to explore the Belief Buffet. Taste, try it out, if it doesn't taste good, spit it out.
-- Love more, Fear Less. Reminding each other that love is an infinite resource. The more you express it, the more you have it as a resource.
-- Namaste, you reflect my own divinity. Agape love.
-- Too often, we create or are given a script of what we believe a relationship to be. we look for someone to play the role.
-- But if they do not follow the script, and are instead their own independent person.. it can be challenging.
-- instead, surrender to an Agape love of that whole person as the miracle are.
-- when we surrender to that place, it allows us to love everyone. it allows our love well to get bigger and bigger. you can also love the people that you don't even like.
-- Even in the people whose pattern of action are in conflict with your truth, you can still love them. Instead seeing them as a perfect expression.
-- Who am I to judge the necessary violence, chaos, struggle in reality?
-- Love allows us to see both chaos and order as perfect.
-- Doesn't mean you lay back and let bad things happen. Getting present, and focusing on integrity in the moment and aligning with love, directs you to your next step.
-- Faith in flow of universe towards love.
-- there are things that you seek in your life that bring you joy. Follow your Bliss. How to fullfill your purpose. Joy is your conciousness's way to tell you that you are on track. If you are anxious or depressed, it is the same system telling you you are off traffic.
-- Hug Nation is recognition that following your bliss IS divine. You have a responsibility to share joy and love with the world, but only if you can fill yourself with it.
-- From that selfish place, we can be selfless. We have no chance but to recognize we are connected to all things. It is a process of sharing and giving.
-- If you let go of your conscious plan, you fall in the direction of love. and add love to the whole.
-- Requires practice.
-- Practice awareness of where your consciousness is being influenced.
-- Love is the answer.

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