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Glen Shulfer

Requiem for Benghazi ~ by Glen Shulfer

3,482 views 1 year ago
Requiem for Benghazi © 2013 Glen Shulfer

We can't forget Brian Terry. He was a good man, trying to keep the border safe.
Eric Holder lied when Brian died.

We can't forget Tyrone Woods. He was a brave man, fighting desperately in Benghazi.
Jay Carney lied when Tyrone died.

We can't forget Glen Doherty. He was a hero, fighting valiantly in Benghazi.
Susan Rice lied when Glen died.

We can't forget Sean Smith.
He was the whiz kid, and he sensed his death in Benghazi.
Hillary lied when Sean died.

We can't forget Christopher Stevens.
The Ambassador, when he was begging for protection.
But all the troops were told to STAND DOWN!
They were abandoned and left alone to die.
When Obama lied, people died... Show less
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