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GM Tune Time - Tum Bin Jaon Kahan Guitar (Promo)

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Hi Friends,

Hear lots of instrumental music as absolutely free.

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Ragas on Guitar Play

This playlist will provide various raga on guitar tips, raga tunes etc.

Guitarmonk offered the 1st ever Ragas on Guitar online Course (learnt in 8+ countries)

To join (Ragas on Guitar) Online Course,



Guitarmonk CRP Course in Guitar Play

About CRP -- 1st ever complete Guitar learning in History of India, a Scientific Guitar Education Program (which makes you perform) offering guaranteed success in stipulated period of time.

Scientific Curriculum | 5 Level Training | Guaranteed Performance by You | Celebrity Mentor -- State Awarded Guitarist & Performer | Back up Forum | Back up Batches | Guitar Learning Kit and more..!

Get to know more of it. Mail us at info@guitarmonk.com

GM Radio (Indian Music Heritage) Play

This Playlist combine all music of GM Radio (Indian Music Heritage). You can apply for license of these videos at info@guitarmonk.com.

GM Radio serves 1 to 8 hours of Music Playing Radio License for your premises.

Guitarmonk Radio - Therapy/Instrumental Music Radio for your premises | http://guitarmonk.com/guitarmonk-records-record-label/
One of the significant mission of Guitarmonk is to preserve definitive arts music. Following same mission, guitarmonk incorporated its record label GM Records in year 2003 by producing/sponsoring music of diversified territories, genres (primarily Classical & Folk music of India) and connecting it to the masses via diversified mediums. The two significant pillars of GM Records includes Album Subscription for the masses and 'Guitarmonk Radio'

Guitarmonk Radio primarily connects corporate with 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours non-stop musical radio. The USP of music is exclusivity and its recorded with objective of busting corporate stress and serve relaxation. As such specific Ragas of Indian Classical music are chosen (based on time of Ragas) and bifurcated into music sessions for Morning, Lunch, Evening and mid time moods.

A person when comes in vibration of this music, gets relaxed within 2-3 minutes of time and receives a complete change of mood. (For more details on music - refer Guitarmonk.com)

Guitarmonk has produced more than 60+ Albums (including the last album of Late Ustad Sultan Khan which is yet pending to be officially released).

Guitarmonk Radio is also empowerment for lots of musicians as a platform and thus get connected to thousands of corporate and masses. Guitarmonk brings 1 album every month comprising of diversified artists.

The concept album series -

Swaras - The Classical tunes of India
Swarang - The folk music of India
Venudhwani - Flute Music of India
Madhuvarsha - Classical Vocal Album Series
Kayotsarg - Meditation Album Series
Percussion of India
Moods of Ragas on Sitar
Others etc.

For more details, write us at info@guitarmonk.com
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