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Dan Sullivan

WHY - an original composition performed by DAN SULLIVAN

323 views 6 months ago
My friends...

It's October 14, 2013...The significance of this date is that exactly 50 years ago today at 12:34 AM, I entered this world as the 4th child and 3rd son of my parents. I don't know where the 50 years have gone, but here we are !

I've been doing an all-instrumental cover of The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" LP, but as this milestone approached, my girlfriend Susan - as well as a few other friends here on YT - suggested I write a song in that style...Well, I did...back in 1981 !

For years it lay dormant, until 1997, when a good friend of mine, drummer Len Napoli, recorded some demos at his home, this song being one of them. Along side Len's drums, I added a Fender Jazz Bass and Lead and Rhythm 12-string electric guitar on my Rickenbacker 360/12 guitar. I then added stereo harmonies and a lead vocal. This was all done on a Yamaha 8-channel cassette recorder.

I recently re-discovered the multi-track cassette and liked the drums, bass, rhythm guitar and harmonies, but needed to re-do the lead vocals and lead 12-string guitars.

I transferred the rhythm track to my Tascam 24-track Digital recorder and went to my favorite electric 12-string, the Carvin DC-127/12, adding 2 tracks of lead runs and 2 more tracks with primary leads and double-tracked unison solo. I then added the double-tracked lead vocals to cap it off and I'm really happy with the result. I hope you all are, as well.

So I hope you all enjoy this Beatles/Byrds flavored original compostion..."WHY" !


This original compostion (music and lyrics) is the intellectual property of DAN SULLIVAN, it's composer.

Dan Sullivan claims no ownership to the media images displayed. Dan's guitars photographed by Dan.

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