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Sonic 3: Sonic 1 Edition - Part 1

2,641 views 2 years ago
Welp, I'm starting my playthrough of Sonic 3... again. This time it has a twist! This run will be in Sonic 1 Mode! Sonic will use his Sonic 1 sprites, the shield monitors will use the Sonic 1 shield instead of the elemental shields, no insta-shield-- you get the picture.This is also a no chaos emerald run.

In this part we travel through Angel Island Zone and Hydrocity Zone. Both are such great levels, especially Hydrocity. Probably my favorite Sonic water level.

Also, this is not my hack. This hack is Sonic 3 Complete by Tiddles over at Sonic Retro. This hack is awesome, especially with all the patch options (the Sonic 1 sprites are a patch option BTW). You can customise your own version of Sonic 3 Complete here:

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