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Novastar (SaberCombat)

Live ESB Show Teaser (July 2014)

489 views 2 weeks ago

Final teaser from the 100% LIVE "Empire Strikes Back" homage performance debut from 5.3.2014 by SaberCombat.Com

Full video & behind-the-scenes extras available soon!

VIDEO by: Novastar
VOCALS by: Novastar
SOUND by: Novastar
SABERS by: Novastar
Teaser MUSIC by: Novastar

Gary Ripper as "Darth"...
Novastar as "Starwalker"...

Special thanks to my small but powerful "ESB team": Mark Mensch, Gary Ripper, Mike Murphy, Dillon Ripper, and Sarah Denning

Additional filming by Ben Otto & Chris Horii -- much thanks to you all! Show less
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These are sound "fonts" or sound effect sets that are used in LED saber driver boards such as Crystal Focus, Petite Crouton, Crystal Shard, Nano-Biscotte, etc.

You need one of these boards to utilize the sounds, and you must purchase the sounds at :


If you received or downloaded one of these fonts in any other way--YOU ARE PIRATING MY WORK and/or contributing (possibly unwillingly) to the piracy of sound font artists' work in general.

So, please--pass the word on: Don't Pirate! Keep artists doing what they do best--creating. Not having to see their work stolen and abused...


Balance of Power, Episodes I & II (100% Live Performances) Play

The first episode of Balance of Power (2006), and all three parts of Balance of Power II (2007).

"Balance of Power" is a 100% live staged combat show filmed in front of live audiences, performed at several venues around the CA bay area.

How to make Light Sabers -- CF Wiring Guide and Extras Play

Building LED sabers takes some work... and making one that facilitates Erv Plecter's "Crystal Focus" DIY electronics board is no exception.

Have a look at the guide for an in-depth exploration of tackling a Crystal Focus saber project... along with extra bonuses such as wiring up a Li-Ion PCB, working with sound resonance, and wiring a kill/recharge port.

Saber Claus 2: an N-Star and G-Maniac Xmas (2009) Play

Novastar and Gundamaniac are charged by Santa (yet AGAIN) with a holy quest to help those in need.

In the process... they... uh... break a lot of crap and become pretty much apt to general misbehavior and silliness.

This year--they've upped the ante with a decently robust saber fight at the end... ...

...despite the lack of time & planning to do so... and naturally not even having a single cameraman...
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