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GOLD the Series

Night of the Zombie King Play

This is life. Roll for damage.
Night of the Zombie King is a "The Big Chill" story for nerds. Set in the world of GOLD (where roleplaying games are a professional sport), five old friends get together for the first time in fifteen years to play through the conclusion of the Goblins & Gold campaign left unfinished in high school. Once together they find that rekindling their friendship is just as hard as defeating the Zombie King.

GOLD: Season 1 Play

Can you take the hits?
GOLD is a comic soap opera set in a world where tabletop role playing games (you know, dice, books, maps and nerds) are a professional sport, and the players celebrity athletes. Season 1 follows the leading American and British teams as they prepare for the Goblins & Gold World Championship, while battling personal demons.
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