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"22 Centerfolds" (Taylor Swift / J. Geils Band Mashup Cover)

53 views 1 week ago
Originally uploaded April 27, 2014 (now with remastered audio!)

I was quite sick when I originally mixed this track, and so my hearing was muffled. The original upload of this track was too bass light and too treble heavy. So I've remastered the track and made a few updates to the mix! Enjoy!

(Original description) After many months, I'm back with a mashup cover! In honor of me turning 22 today, I decided to do a rock mashup of everyone's favorite T-Swizzle song and an 80s pop classic. Enjoy!

Arrangement inspired by the awesome Jimmy Rainsford: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

"22 Centerfolds" is a videosong, which means everything you see was recorded live and no sounds are hidden.

Recorded and produced by Andrew Goldin Show less
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