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Zombie Bride

87 views 8 months ago
Lyrics: It's the saddest kind of story, any lover will ever know
You married up your sweetheart, went shoppin for a bungalow
Found a place out in the suburbs, where you could live in style
And everything was kosher, for awhile
Then one day you come home, found the neighbors have all died
Thefir body parts is strewn, all around the countryside
And your sweeties in the kitchen, makin a mincemeat pie
That's when you know you got a zombie bride

Well you can't take her to no parties, there's nowhere that you can go
She tore apart the usher, at the late night picture show
Yeah, just like a tasty tater chip, she can't eat just one
Her taste for human flesh has just begun

Well you tried some couples therapy, but it just didn't take
The counselor wound up dead and ground up on your baby's plate
Now your soul is wracked with anguish, you;re contemplating suicide
Because you know you got a zombie Bride

Well you can't be sentimental Jim, it's far too late for that
She ate your favorite niece and sucked the bones out of your cat
Now this woman, she's a menace Jim, she got to be put down
nobodies safe until she's in the ground

Just put a bullet in her brain Jim, yeah that's the place to start
Then drive a wooden stake into her heart

It's the saddest kind of story, any lover will ever know
Now your zombie bride resides in hell......below Show less
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