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Ansible Free

646 views 7 months ago

Gripp spits hot fire. Announcing Gripp's next solo album, coming 01/21/14 from glassEyeballs: "Ansible".

you probably ask/ how I became such a polymath//
probably the classes that I grinded past//
you were popping molly; I was reading research in the laundromat//
mind fast/ so follow my Denali tracks//
I don't bodybag/ rappers; that's a sloppy act//
and I'm no copycat/ asking them to holla back//
fuck them/ I buck trends/ I snuck in//
the backdoor to upend/ this industry like a duck pin//
fuck an A&R! I'd rather talk robots//
with a post-doc/ wearing low-tops/ and no socks//
I'm so hot/ that I'm melting steel//
so hot that my flow is changing the boundaries of the Kelvin scale//
so keep on searching/ nothing you've seen's as perfect//
he's berzerk and/ even nerdier than Steven Urk is//
Urkel/ the Duracell/ flow that keeps on working//
so absurd with/ a drawer full of Arduino circuits//
I stepped in with a seamless verse/ that I pre-rehearsed//
smooth as Venus and Serena's serve/ the best you've seen or heard//
'cos in addition to the flow, I'm just better looking//
these rappers always hungry, but they're never cooking//
came from the underground/ to thunder out/ a hundred loud//
verses, proud/ until they rip my tongue from mouth//
I run this town/ not like Rihanna's chorus//
catch me in Somerville with pit stains and jogging shorts//
out in the 'burbs where they don't lock their doors//
but fuck with me, you might get more than you bargained for//
I'm a carnivore/ in sweaters from the army store//
I'll beat this dead horse and it's the one you put the cart before//
I don't know how long the flow'll keep//
it might just end up rotten like molded meat//
but for now I've got it, yo, it's sweet//
Ansible is coming; all you other rappers go to sleep//
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