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Introduction to the 7 "gercacn" (Gerlach) YouTube video playlists

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An overview by the author of 7 topical playlists that comprise the "gercacn" / gerlach YouTube channel. The videos in these playlists support - and are embedded in - 7 free self-improvement lessons in the nonprofit "Break the Cycle!" Web site at http://sfhelp.org The ad-free Web site and videos are dedicated to raising your awareness of two universal stressors: inherited psychological wounds and ignorance. Show less
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Save kids from inheriting psychological wounds + unawareness Play

A veteran family therapist summarizes (1) six inherited psychological wounds from early-childhood neglect, abandonment, and abuse (trauma), and (2) a free online self-study course for guarding your family against these toxic wounds and unawareness. See http://sfhelp.org/cycle.htm

1b) - Reduce psychological wounds from early trauma Play

Video clips from a veteran therapist describing six inherited psychological wounds and how to assess for and reduce them. These videos - and those in playlists 1a) and 1c) -aughment the free online self-study "Lesson 1" at http://sfhelp.org/gwc/guide1.htm

2a) - improve your communication effectiveness! Play

You communicate to fill needs (reduce discomforts). These videos from a relationship expert show you how to fill more of your needs more often - with anyone. These videos and others in playlist 2b) augment the free online self-study "Lesson" at http://sfhelp.org/cx/guide2.htm

3) - What you need to know about losses and healthy grieving Play

Incomplete grief is a significant unseen stressor for many people and families. These videos by a veteran family therapist describe (a) the 3 levels and several phases of healthy grief, (b) how to promote healthy grief and create a "pro-grief" family, and (c) why and how to recognize and complete unfinished grief. For moire detail, see the free online "Lesson 3" articles at http://sfhelp.org/grief/guide3.htm

4a) - Improve your relationships with adults and kids Play

Videos from a veteran family therapist on evolving mutually-satisfying relationships with anyone. Also see the playlist 4b) videos on marriage, divorce, and remarriage. All clips augment self-study Lesson 4: articles at http://sfhelp.org/relate/guide4.htm
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