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Eden Kai

Amazing Acoustic Guitar Player Live EDEN KAI "Morning" Original Instrumental

125 views 1 month ago
Hi everyone, nice to see you on YouTube again.lol I just had many things going on...We've been living in Hawaii for 1 year, and I'm trying to get better at English in my new high school;D
I'm posting my guitar playing for fun trying new things..but just let you know that I still sing, and I will have more singing videos later:) And I hope you enjoy the video, and I will keep doing my best with sharing what I love...Music! ~ Eden Kai
 こんにちは、そしてお久しぶりです!長らく投稿を休んでて申し訳­ないです>< 引越しや新しい高校での勉強等々忙しい毎日を送ってました。。 最近歌の投稿があまり見られない、と思う方も多いと思います。 ギターは初めて二年となりましたが、本当にやってみると楽しく これからも続けて行こうと思い、動画を投稿してました。ただ、歌­は決して止めてませんって事だけは伝えたいです。(声変わり等色­々ありまして、、)これからもっと忙しくなりそうですが、気長に­待って下さると嬉しいです^^ そしていつも見て下さってる方々、本当にありがとうございます>­< これからも自分の夢に突っ走って音楽に集中しようかと思います!­w  イーデン・カイ(Eden Kai)

15 year old amazing acoustic guitar player Eden Kai performs his original song "Morning" (copyright) live at Hawaii's famous Duke's Waikiki on April 4, 2014. This popular event on Waikiki beach was packed on Friday night with visitors from around the world, and they were thrilled to be entertained by this guitar prodigy! Special thanks to master drummer Salaam Tillman one of the founding fathers of Hawaii's top band The Mana'o Company jammed together for the first time on this beautiful original acoustic song! Many magical moments of harmony and improvisation!
This amazing acoustic guitar player was born in Tokyo, Japan and has played guitar for just two years. He has danced on stage since 5 years old and has acted on TV movies and shows in Japan. He debuted in Japan at the age of 10 writing and singing an incredible song for charity "Sekai no Tomodachi" (Friends of the World) available on iTunes and Amazon.
Now, Eden Kai has been quickly recognized as an amazing acoustic guitar player after moving to Hawaii a year ago, and is writing lots of new songs from paradise.
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