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Generic Girl comedy series

Generic Girl - Exposition!

39,206 views 1 year ago
E1: Shall Gillian survive the Pandora's package of panic from the evil Doctor Mascalzone?

Generic Girl is an action-comedy web series following the adventures of Gillian, an aspiring comic creator, and her roommate Pete Kirby, aka Captain Freelance. The duo must battle villains, bureaucrats, and the mad, talking Deus Ex Machina wanted by the forces of evil.

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Award Nominee, 2013 International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV):
Best Director of a Comedy Series: Steven Itano Wasserman

Winner, 2012 Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival:
Best Web Series Music, composer Daniel James Chan

Site & Credits: http://GoGenericGirl.com

Alexandra Olson as Gillian Romero
Matthew Bohrer as Pete Kirby
Johnny Skourtis as Hank the Henchman
Sarah Ho as Hildy/Brunhilda
Richard Hawkins as Doctor Mascalzone

Created by Victor R. Solis and Steven I. Wasserman.
Written by Solis & Wasserman and Aaron Hartley in Southern California.

©2012 Hachitan Entertainment, Inc.

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Generic Girl Season One Play

Episodes, bonus videos, and our tribute to Jack Kirby, the inspiring patron saint of the comic art form.

GENERIC GIRL is the satirical adventure of Gillian, a closet comic book geek, and her aspiring superhero roommate Pete Kirby as they battle villains, bureaucrats, and one mad talking machine.

About Jack Kirby:
Kirby's birthday is August 28 and this legend of the comic book medium will have been 96 years old in 2013. His heroic characters have become the foundation of the superhero genre across all media and are now the source of many Hollywood blockbuster movies based on Kirby's comic book superheroes.

Sadly, Jack Kirby has not received his rightful credit as the father of these iconic American heroes: Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, The New Gods, The Sub-Mariner, The Avengers.

Among the various creators who inspired our approach to GG, Kirby is near the top of our list. We channeled his fantastical whimsy, his dynamic action, and sense of pure fun.

Music Videos directed by Steven Wasserman Play

Steven Itano Wasserman has helmed these recent videos and others by artists Jankins, Mobilio, Pocketful, Parlez Vous Français? and Drew Williams ft. Alexandra Olson.
Tunes stretch the gamut from pop to electronica-laced hip hop to indie rock.

Watch Steven's directing and cinematography reels at Hachitan Entertainment:

Get Name Brands on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/namebrands2013

FREE Download: Gray Hat Symphony album by Mobilio: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mobilio/id452865624

Digital Spill: Google+ Hangouts with Web Series Creators Play

Live interviews with series creators, actors, and filmmakers hosted by Victor Solis.

Want to join us? Subscribe for future Hangout invitations.

Twitter: ask us questions @GoGenericGirl using #DSpill.

Special thanks to Hachitan Entertainment, Inc. for production support: http://hachitan.com

Steven & Victor interviews and G+ Hangouts with GG Actors Play

Watch Steven, Victor, and actress Alexandra Olson (Gillian of GG), our cast members, and more!

We dish about development, production, acting, and anecdotes about creating a live action comic book world.

We're also partnering with CreatorUp Labs for our educational series on How to Plan Your Own Web Series. Visit their site for amazing courses on How to Produce your own high quality series: http://creatorup.com

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