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Gregory B. Sadler

Welcome to My YouTube Channel

12,536 views 10 months ago
The new and improved trailer for my YouTube channel, devoted mainly to Philosophy videos. -- I'll be adding the annotations (i.e. the "links") in the next few days Show less
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Half Hour Hegel: The Complete Phenomenology of Spirit Play

This is a sequence of videos providing a close reading and commentary on G.W.F. Hegel's early masterwork, the Phenomenology of Spirit.

In each 25-35 minute video, I read paragraphs from the text verbatim, and then in front of my home studio blackboard, engage in some discussion of the main concepts discussed in that passage, provide any needed historical context, and outline any connections to other passages.

This is a fairly substantial undertaking -- producing and releasing one or two 25-35 minute videos per week, we project this series will require at least three years of work on my part. The goal is ultimately to provide something like an online lecture course covering every part of the Phenomenology, leaving no portions out, as a resource for students, lifelong learners, and even interested instructors.

I'll be using and referencing the A.V. Miller English-language translation of the Phenomenology, which is available here: http://amzn.to/1jDUI6w

Gregory B. Sadler is the president and co-founder of ReasonIO. The content of this video is provided here as part of ReasonIO's mission of putting philosophy into practice -- making complex philosophical texts and thinkers accessible for students and lifelong learners. If you'd like to make a contribution to help fund Dr. Sadler's ongoing educational projects, you can click here: http://bit.ly/KozD2y

Existentialist Philosophy and Literature Play

an ongoing lecture series discussing key texts, thinkers, and concepts from the loose movement in 19th and 20th century Literature and Philosophy called "Existentialism". The full set will include roughly 90-100 video lectures, and will provide the basis for a set of online courses I'm developing

Course Lectures: Religion in America Play

Videos of the lecture/discussions sessions from my 2014 Religion in America class at Marist College.

The textbook used for this class (America's Religions, 3rd ed.) can be purchased from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/LS32U4

Course Lectures: Intro to Philosophy Play

Lectures from my Fall 2011, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013 -- Introduction to Philosophy classes at Marist College. This playlist -- and the classes it was composed from -- goes in historical order.

My focus in teaching this class was to get the students to interact with these classic texts and thinkers.

Course Lectures: A Course in Ethics Play

Lecture/discussion videos from my Ethics class sections. We start with discussing Emotivism and contrasting it with a Natural Law and Virtue Ethics Perspective, then move into Virtue Ethics, Egoism, Might Makes Right, and Contractarian moral theory as depicted in Plato's dialogues. After that we discuss ancient Hedonist and Stoic theories, then move into Utilitarianism with Bentham and Mill, followed by Deontology with Kant and Ross. Ethics of Care follows, as well as a return to Virtue Ethics with in-depth study of Aristotle, finishing with study of Thomas Aquinas' Natural Law moral theory

Core Concepts in Philosophy Play

The new Core Concepts videos, generally from 10-30 minutes long, discussing one tricky but important concept from a classic or contemporary philosophical text and thinker. Some of these are recorded from dialogues between myself and students in my classes, and others are just me lecturing.

These videos are designed to assist students and lifelong learners to make their way into the heart of philosophical texts -- if you like them or find them useful, please share them with others.
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