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Its Me, The BFG

X Selection 03 Play

BFG's Big Bad Wolf Mix Playlist (In Stereo)

Mighty fine if you have a couple of hours free to bosh about to the mix, well worth a listen.

Starts out jazzy then gets harder n takes you on a fab little journey from my fingers on the decks n mixer down the lan cables of oblivion, through your router gateway and D-A Converted via your sound card amp n speakers, finally causing vibrations on your eardrums and tingling your synapses to release a concoction of lovely natural bodily chemicals :)


Most Amazing and Commendable Play

This is a tribute to people or collectives that have really contributed to my outlook on life or I feel have uploaded quality inovative content.
Hurrah to you all!

Tune Making, Demoscene, Bending, Visuals & Stuff Play

A Collection of stuff on how to do things when making tunes & visuals with programs, also Demoscene things, Circuit Bending & a whole load of other interestingly mad stuff
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