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Viva La Valor! (2009) Play

This is the video of the cruise I took in April 2009 with my daughter and parents. Carnival Valor Western Caribbean. Stingrays, rope bridges, hungry birds, swine flu, cave tubing, Mayan ruins, thievin' monkeys and more... This is a fairly family friendly adventure (some mild cursing, and drinking) for any cruise fan.

The Imagination Vacation (2008) Play

Chris and Jason are back in the Caribbean for another round of girls, booze, and adventure.

Did we mention the girls and booze?

Last time they barely escaped with their pride, not to mention their lives. But this time, they vow to hit it harder than before. From rubber chickens to homeless guys to their return to Senor Frogs (or so they thought), this is one adventure you must see to believe!
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