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WonderFurla Milan

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#WonderFurla: A project that celebrates style conscious women around the world.Welcome to Milan! A city with fashion and style at its heart. Follow the #Wonderfurla Milan journey today!
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The Fondazione Furla was created in 2008, by the desire of the Furla's president Giovanna Furlanetto, in order to guarantee and bring continuity to cultural projects put in place by Furla, and to allow them further development and international reinforcement.
Curator of the Fondazione Furla is Chiara Bertola, art critic and curator.
The Foundation investigates all areas of creativity, from art to fashion design, in support of young talent who cannot find ways, place and possibilities to emerge and showcase their work.
The foundation is located in Bologna, within a 700's Barchessa. Covering a significant area of over five hundred square feet, on two levels, the space is designed with the idea of becoming a real think-tank where Furla can host young artists and creatives.
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