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Cody Weathers

Lunch Break 4: Featured Top 10 Play

Most of our top views are clearly mistakes from people searching from something else. Here's what *we* think represents the best we have to offer.

Virtual Gig Play

Can't make it to the 3-hour show because you a.) live above the Arctic Circle b.) are trapped under something heavy c.) are wary of booby traps? Never fear, the virtual gig is here. This set closely approximates the content and order of the standard 3-4 hour setlist the boys work off of (with a handful of inexcusable omissions, boys!).

Frumples Pictures Play

Legendary pre-internet comedic film collective, now slowly posted to YouTube, bit by bit, decades later. More of a way of life, actually.

Frumples Junior --Kid Antics Play

The mostly hilarious, always entertaining antics of my two zany progeny, kept mercifully brief for the uninitiated
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