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Technology Play

Based in the Bay Area, Friday's Films is at the heart of the tech industry—and we love it that way. We regularly shoot videos for a variety of technology companies and cherish the opportunity to do so. Please find some of our tech-based videos on this playlist!

Documentary Play

Here at Friday's Films we love having the opportunity to explore, learn about, and film different cultures, people, and ideas. We've made feature length and short documentaries on countless subjects, including the fishing industry of the Bahamas, foster care in San Francisco, and America's fondness of roses.

Wine and Food Play

Friday's Films is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, so have the luxury of being close to Wine Country! We cherish every opportunity we get to film videos for wineries and vineyards in Napa and throughout California. We're also lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful restaurants, farmers markets, and, well, delicious food. This is a collection of our videos that have to do with all things tasty.

Medicine Play

Friday's Films takes great pride in the work we've done for Stanford and Barlow hospitals. We truly believe that they are at the forefront of medical care and we're honored to have been given the opportunity to contribute to their work.

Business, Environment, and Misc. Play

Friday's Films is called upon to do videos for companies big and small, new and old and we treat each project with equal respect and dedication. Some clients prefer funny narrative pieces, while others prefer documentary style videos. We love making both. We love making videos so much, sometimes we just film ourselves in the office. In this playlist, you can find an assortment of our videos that are each unique and special in their own way—whether filmed for an environmental company, for teachers across the country, or just for ourselves, these pieces showcase our diversity.

Commercial Play

We love being called upon to produce commercials for companies in the Bay Area and beyond. These are some of our favorite spots that we've produced.
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