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Freeplay '10 - 101 Things I Learned in Game Design School Play

Helen Stuckey, Christian McCrea, Malcolm Ryan, Peter Henry, Matt Ditton

There's a wealth of thought, teaching, and experience about games and game development - from academic theory to the indescribable sense of when something just feels right. This session looks at the (slightly less than) 101 things academics, teachers, developers, and students had been told in school.

Freeplay '10 - The First and Last 10% Play

The first and last 10%

Simon Joslin, Adam Saltsman, Nathan Thomas, Rob Macbride. Chair: Paul Taylor

At opposite ends of the development process are the prototyping phase and the polishing phase. But should they be so separate? And how do we know when to stop iterating over our ideas? And when should we stop polishing something and get it out the door?
This session looks at those two stages of a project and asks - what really happens in that first and last 10%

Freeplay '10 - The First One is Free Play

Stephan Schutze, Elliot Bledsoe, Chris McCormick. Chair: Fee Plumley

It's all just 1s and 0s, and copying them is cheap and easy. Anything you put in digital form will be ripped, shares, duplicated a thousand times over.

This session looks at the free, remixing, and digital culture and explores how to use it to your best advantage.
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