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Fraser Doherty

SuperBusiness Book Intro

1,470 views 10 months ago
Fraser Doherty is the founder of SuperJam and the author of SuperBusiness and The SuperJam Cookbook.

After learning his Gran's jam recipes at the age of fourteen, he has built a company that has sold many millions of jars of jam around the world.

On his YouTube channel, he'll be sharing the lessons that he has learned and some of the fun he has on of his travels around the world. Show less
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The Adventures of Jam Boy - On the road with a digital nomad Play

Fraser travels 100% of the time - launching his products in new counties, meeting interesting people, giving talks and promoting his books. He doesn't have a home or office - living and working virtually wherever he is. In his videos, he'll be sharing the excitement and lessons learned from waking up a new city each week.

JamBoy's Top Tips - From supplying 2,000+ supermarkets Play

Fraser shares the lessons he learned from getting SuperJam off the ground with other budding entrepreneurs. He talks about branding, packaging, design, marketing, social media and coming up with great ideas for your business.

The SuperJam Story - From farmer's market to supermarket. Play

This is a selection of videos about the SuperJam story - TV appearances, media interviews and a couple of documentaries about Fraser's story.

The SuperJam Tea Parties - 100+ Parties/yr for Older People Play

Since 2009, SuperJam has funded hundreds of free tea parties for elderly people all over the UK, Australia and Scandinavia. The events are run completely by volunteers and feature live music, dancing and scones and jam. For more information or to volunteer to set up a party - with the help of free jam and a £50 grant - check out www.superjamteaparties.com
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