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Foxxy Reviews: The Pinball Arcade (Ps4)

76 views 2 weeks ago
A few important notes which i hope people read before making comments on.

1. This review was very delayed. The audio work for this review and note taking which was used for the script were done FAR before anything else. In fact those 2 things were done over 3 months ago. So take into consideration some of the complaints i may have had might have been changed from an update. To give you a better idea the gameplay & audio were made around the same time PS4 got that update allowing capture card use.

Why the delay? Well my account update video kinda shared more of the reasons as to why but i was also focused on other projects and honestly i kept pushing this one aside. This is something im not going to do anymore. To rectify that i have already made a review of another PS4 game which should be released sometime this month.

That particular review im talking about only took me (not counting note taking and shit) about 8 hours to make. I did not rush either it was just easy to do

2. This is the disc copy, not the digital download so there might be things that slightly differ from each other such as tables that may or may not be on the disc when compared to the digital version.

3. Wanna watch this video in higher quality (Yeah youtube's encoder is a bit shit)
Click on the link below

http://dai.ly/x219au7 Show less
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