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Nolan D

  • Still yet, the North Korean internment camps get no press. A MASSIVE number of North Korean citizens and their families are imprisoned in work camps - arrested for dissent and other egregious reasons. We think the US has a prison culture? Please. The liberation of North Korea means the release of hundreds of thousands of political prisoners.

    Anonymous vs. North Korea

    SOURCEFED SHIRTS!!! http://dft.ba/-4EpA
    Anonymous takes on North Korea, and other fun potential WWIII updates!

    Our Sources

    More stories at: http://www.sour...
  • feministfrequency

    • 40 videos
    Feminist Frequency is an ongoing series of video commentaries exploring gender representations, myths and messages in popular culture media. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.

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  • I would love to see a playlist of videos that start with, "Good morning, Hank. As you can tell from the gray speckled walls behind me..."

    Travel safely, John! Wash your hands and stuff.

    The Gray Speckled Walls Encroach: The Perks and Liabilities of Frequent Flying

    In which John makes an old school vlogbrothers video from an airport. OBVIOUSLY I MADE THIS BEFORE WE HIT 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS. To celebrate, let's get the nerdfighter kiva group to $2,000,000 in ...
  • The haiku shirt! I've been re-watching the first year of Brotherhood 2.0, and now I really want that shirt.

    Hank Meets a Giant Squid and Other News

    • by SciShow
    • 1 year ago
    Hank is back in the studio and is very excited to be able again to share news of the universe with you, including his encounter with a giant squid, an English king discovered under a parking lot, n...
  • Old Crow Medicine Show - Train on the Island

    "Train on the Island"
    Traditional arranged by Old Crow Medicine Show
    Performed by Old Crow Medicine Show
    Courtesy of Blood Donor Music (BMI) adm by Spirit One Music

    I do not own the rights to this...
  • I would pay for curated or featured content by YouTube staffers, YouTubers, and maybe artistic type people. One or two dollars a month. I really miss the time when going to the homepage meant discovering something that OTHER people like, not just the site's algorithmic suggestions for me.


    Made in China Shirts: http://bit.ly/127TnOQ
    Join me on Audible: http://audiblepodcast.com/phillyd
    GoodReads Book Club: http://bit.ly/XIDsz0

    Hey Nation. I love your faces for watching my Tuesday Sh...
  • Broke out that shirt again for Christmas, huh? Fantastic song - I wish I could have made it to any of your Christmas tour dates this year. You'll have to hit Connecticut next year! Anyway, I found this old clip of you and some Northampton sacred harp singers doing two songs at last years CD release show. Do you mind if I post it?

    Tim Eriksen and The Trio de Pumpkintown- Shepherds Rejoice


    Here's a bit of the second to last stop on the Trio de Pumpkintown's Christmas tour on December 22, 2012- two shows in the cramped but cozy Bookmill in Montague MA. (I thin...
  • Having flashbacks to the Anamatrix on that last one...

    3 Extreme Climate Fixes

    • by SciShow
    • 1 year ago
    Hank talks about a few - maybe crazy, maybe reasonable - geoengineering schemes that some scientists have come up with in order to "fix" climate change, including designer clouds, ocean fertilizati...
  • Excellent video!

    P4A 2012: National Alliance on Mental Illness

    Thanks for watching!

    P4A: http://projectforawesome.com
    NAMI: http://nami.org

    Crisis Hotlines:

    Hotlines by state: http://www.suicidehotlines.com/
  • Nice use of lighting equipment to light the house there.

    Nanakitty Manor

    • by Nanalew
    • 1 year ago
    New channel for thingz:

    PO box video:

    Our Kickstarter/indiegogo campaign has been pushed back for a bit, but you can ...
  • To my mind, Ray burned out content-wise a looong time ago. Beyond the fact that Ray based =3 on a repeatable formula in which he comments on an already viral video - the content of another creator - Ray had complained on his vlog channel years ago about how he was getting bored with the show. That is not my idea of spending five minutes of my viewing time... Is a sentence that only gets understood on YouTube.

    Ray William Johnson VS Maker Studios

    Ray William Johnson publishes article on NewMediaRockstars detailing his account of his split with Maker Studios. YouTube world reacts.
    For more on this story: http://dft.ba/-39fs

    Check out our NE...
  • Thanks for talking about the Spinto Band. I listen to them all the time!

    The Webcam Tag

    1) What are your top 3 most-visited websites?
    2) If you had to choose, which of the three websites would you cut out of your life completely?
    3) Who was the first Youtuber you watched regularly?
  • John, you must read "How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" by Christopher Boucher. It is a book about a man and his son, how the past lives here with us, and how one tune can change the world. It's a story about place, time, happiness and sorrow. An absolute must read. I'd love to have a Nerdfighter book club about it. Thanks!

    Nerdfighter Book Recommendations: A Gift Giving Guide for Nerdfightastic Readers

    In which John Green recommends some of his favorite books to some of his favorite people (Crash Course fans, Whovians, Sherlockians, Harry Potter fans, Swoodilypooper supporters, and nerdy readers ...
  • Apprentice News

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  • Dusty Wright

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    Smart Culture For A Smarter Planet...

    The Mr. Gray Show - Sent from a gray planet to probe our technicolor world; cuz Gray is the new black!

    The Dusty Wright Show - Smart interviews with smart actor
  • Years ago, I was a big Dropkick Murphys fan. Listening to them felt different and cool, bagpipes and electric guitars and all that. I remember being excited for State of Massachusetts to come out, but I was kind of let down, because by then, I had discovered The Pogues and other groups that made Dropkick obsolete for me.


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    Can you ever get too old for music festivals? Can you outgrow bands ...
  • Virgil has been an honest dredger for a long time, and Santonio is just getting his hopes up for a little flash. Shame on him! Let's hope Kim gets better soon.

    Judge Dredge - Lake Dredge Appraisal

    Santonio pinch-hosts for his brother while Kim recovers from an appraising-related injury. Santonio teaches Virgil about the worth of dredged computers.

    Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: http://b...
  • Great stuff Mike, but I wonder if you considered wether the ends justifies the means? In case, I am referring to television being the main mode of transmission for the show. We've a

    Is Doctor Who a Religion? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

    Dr. Who is one of the longest running TV shows on the BBC, and it's got a huge fandom surrounding it, called Whovians. And while it might not seem like, Whovianism, might just be RELIGION!!!!! Whov...
  • officialpsy

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    PSY Official YouTube Channel
  • Great stuff! Glad that the Voice didn't make you take your account down like Idol did to Andrew Garcia...

    Down For You (A @JRAquino Original)

    Here's a brand spankin' new original that I wrote recently. Pretty self explanatory. Hope you enjoy!

    With Love,

    Thanks to Greg for shooting!

    Come watch me & my ...
  • Dave Days

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    Taking over the world with music - parodies, covers and originals.

    From crushing on Miley Cyrus, to making fun of Justin Bieber, watch all of my music videos right here.

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  • Lee should yell, "shark" more.

    Popcorn Lawsuit? $7.2 Million?!

    Man gets respiratory lung illness from microwave popcorn consumption... wins $7.2 million lawsuit!

    Our Sources:

    Go to SourceFed.com for our 5 daily videos or anything else we...
  • Hank, I do vote whenever possible, but this will be the first time I ever have the chance to vote in a national election. So one, yay. Two, you've completely ignored the fact that the electoral college system in the U.S. essentially removes the power to vote from individual voters. Not saying I'm not going to vote, but you must acknowledge the fact that none of us vote directly to the presidency.

    You. Must. Vote.


    Sorry non-US people...you should also vote, if you can, but I don't know when your elections are.

    It's simple, we have a responsibility to make an info...
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  • I'm not sure we should be entirely comfortable with a corporation making profit off of someone else's design off the internet. Like the different nyan cat models as toys? Don't those artists need to be compensated? Well, I suppose that if the internet can freely use copyrighted material, then so

    Interview with the Creator of the Nyan Nyan Cat Image, Chris Torres

    In today's 'Across The Internet', Keghan interviews Chris Torres, creator of the Nyan Nyan Cat image, from across the internet. Torres has been tracking the spread of Nyan Nyan Cat ever since and r...
  • The Gregory Brothers

    • 78 videos
    This is The Gregory Brothers' 2nd channel! A catch-all for behind-the-scenes stuff, vlogs, covers, original songs, barbershop tags, WikiWars, live concert footage and much much more!

    Here you can pe
  • The Young Turks

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    The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian. LIVE weekdays 6-8pm ET.

    Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or poli
  • PBS Idea Channel

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    Here's an idea: a PBS show that examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art.

    Mike Rugnetta posts new videos every Wednesday.
  • MrTombrosseau

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  • Positive news on TYT? That's actually kinda refreshing. Hope to see that kept up in the future.

    German Dad Helps Son By Wearing a Skirt

    "Nils Pickert's 5-year-old son likes wearing dresses. If anyone thinks that's odd they can take it up with Nils. He's the guy in the skirt. The German dad has become a role model not only for his s...
    • CC
  • Ah yes, just in time to go back to school. Late night Assassin's Creed uploads, snacks, Hankfail. Life is good. I'm excited to see hank play the new Assassin's Creed when it comes out.

    Hank Plays Assassin's Creed ReVLOGations #46 - FORGOT HOW TO PLAY

    Hank returns to the world of Assassin's Creed after a long hiatus, and has forgotten how to play the game. Katherine "helps" by offering her special sort of encouragement.
  • Excellent philosophy. It's like the value of slow-made, homemade food versus fast food. A musical experience created through thought, time and experimentation is far more effective and influential than a simple pop tune. Reminds me of Greg Brown's song, "Slow Food." Check that one out... Thanks for another great post!

    V-cast # 3 Fattback Blues

    Brother Yusef touches on his blues style he call Fattback Blues
  • Olympics

    • 3,339 videos
    Welcome to the Official Olympic Channel by the International Olympic Committee.

    Enjoy the many great moments from previous Olympic Games.

    Official website of the Olympic Movement -- www.olympic
  • Pulled my trigger - now he's dead...

    (This video and comment section is magical. Pun intended.)

    Luna Luna - Harry and the Potters with Evanna Lynch at LeakyCon 2012

    Harry and the Potters always put on an amazing show, and this 9 minute version of Luna Luna was certainly no exception. This is the last four minutes of that song, which was when the weirdness star...
  • I cringed when John cringed. Great story! #easilyamusedmen

    John and Rainn Wilson Talk Romance

    A 9 minute extended cut of this conversation is now available on Hankschannel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd9WuYGLiKc

    In which John has a very special Monday talk (which does not supersede Jo...
  • Good stuff Lee. Food for thought and all that. The most important question that surfaces out of massacres and violent crime is simply: Why does violent crime happen, and how can we stop it as a society? I wonder if you'd be willing to do a video about that? I know you think Sociology is a crock, but it is certainly worth talking about. Thanks.

    Gun Control

    Please Enroll Responsibly: http://amzn.to/ojtR7E Only 99 cents By Lee Doren

    Watch the Debate between Lee Doren and John Fugelsang here: http://youtu.be/Xk7AT11fqHI
  • It is a compelling debate. Did this Petra person experience a miracle because she was somehow special? What did she do to "earn" such a gift where the other victims did not? Perhaps more interesting is the question; where does free will play a role in all of this? Didn't God give Holmes the free will to shoot Petra in the head? Does God interrupt the free will of people in special cases? It is, ultimately, a question of: is there a Plan?

    Brain Defect Saves Colorado Shooting Victim Petra Anderson

    "Petra Anderson, 22, was at the midnight premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Aurora, Colo., when she was shot four times by a gunman who had opened fire in the crowded theater, the Associated Pr...
    • CC
  • "Goin' Up" at LaSalle Market

    This was a fun request from a friend. Great Big Sea is pretty much my all time favorite band, and the "house band" did a great job backing me up.

    Filmed with my Father's iPhone 4s


  • Wow. Love this experimental neo-classical stuff. I'm gonna keep an eye out for an album of hers!

    Janet Feder: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

    Guitarist Janet Feder marries classical technique and folk song structures with a curiosity and imagination that lets her custom nylon-string baritone electric take on otherworldly textures and sou...
  • Fantastic!

    The Captain and the Hourglass (Laura Marling Cover)

    The Captain and the Hourglass, from Laura Marling's album "Alas I Cannot Swim, covered by Nikki Ransford.
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