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Welcome to Footageisland

37,689 views 9 months ago
Download and use this free footage for your private/commercial Projects.
All the footage on this channel were created by Shtamper for your own use.

A credit of "Footage Island" on your project will be thoughtful :-)

Music By: djlang59 - Garden Of The Forking

Copy Writing Notice: Do not upload my footage to Youtube or to any other website in their organic form. Show less
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Nature & Organic Things Animations Play

Human organs, Nature, Wildlife, insects, animals, DNA, particle, atom, molecule, cells, blood, trees, mushrooms, flowers, flies, bees, eyeballs, jars, lab, genetic, water, human body, male, female, skull, skeleton, sea, ocean, liquid, virus, germs, butterfly, hands, microscope, telescope, forest, lightnings, leaves, leaf, plants, underwater, skin, life, birds, wings, wounds, science, photons, fire and much more..

Astronomy Play

Astronimy, telescope, stars, planets, sun, clouds, dark energy, nebula, eclipse, energy, space, NASA, satellite, solar system, galaxy, milky way, black hole, earth, moon, Neptune, mars, Jupiter, Venus, radio, waves, atom, quantum, molecule, physics, meteor, meteorite, flare, speed of light, light speed, spacecraft, shuttle, alien, UFO, ET and much more!

POV Monitor Elements Play

Hud, target, sniper, lock on, monitor, screens, action, weapons, buttons, maps, digital, science, science fiction, meter, spy, fight, battle, bionic, robot, humanoid, loading bar, video games, soldier, camera, transition, scales, arrows, battery, P.O.V, POV, radar, military, government, conspiracy, nuclear, danger, indicator, sign, rotating, futuristic, aliens, predator, space suit, iron man, bionic eye, guns, riffles, pistols, knifes, countdown, rockets, bombs, Equalization, cars, Equalizer, symbols, plane, airplane, aircraft, orbit, elements and much more!

Weapons Planes Explosions and more.. Play

Missle, arrows, bow, bullets, bullet hit, blood, explosion, knife, axe, sword, spear, bullet hole, nuclear, explosion, riffle, gun, Uzi, bomb, target, military, army, terror, terrorist, AK-47, M-16, rocket launcher, weaponry. blade, sharp, cut, TNT, C-4, spy, sniper, shuriken, army, battle, 300, commando, special force and Much more
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