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What is eSports?

316,000 views 2 years ago
Video gaming has come a long way in the last 15 years. No longer is it a pastime of the those locked away in their bedrooms. Now there is a whole world of video gamers playing with friends, and play against others online. Competing to prove who is the best. This is Electronic Sports or ESPORTS.

At the very top is the world of professional video gamers, with thousands of fans, and millions of dollars in prizemoney. This video is a short summary of this world and an overview of what is Esports and the professional Esports team, FNATIC.

Fnatic is a professional gaming team, much like Manchester United or New York Yankees but for the world of video gaming. The difference is, it is not just in one sport or game but supports all the major games by hiring the best gamers from accross the globe to represent them as professional players. These players earn salary, and travel the globe competing in video gaming tournaments. Show less
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