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blue waffles

673 views 1 year ago
blue waffle pussy
written by fitted hat fresh
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blue waffle reaction

i got a blue dick from the bitch that i'm beating

blue waffles bitch thats what im eating

bitch is like you wanna eat my pussy

i'm like hell yeah boo i pull dat bitch ' s pants off and the vagina was blue

what the fuck bitch had a blue vagina ?

i mean bitch's pussy was bluer than the blue man group

bluer than blueberry ice cream but i still want a scoop

pussy is bluer than im ah blue abba dee dabba di by eiffel 65

bitch 's pussy is bluer than a swimming pool im gonna dive

bitch 's vag is bluer than that bitch who ate a blueberry at willy wonkas factory

the last guy to fuck her now has a blueberry d

a blue std , a blue herpee

bitch's pussy is bluer than a blueberry muffin

fuck it blue waffle bitch im still stuffin

i'm ah fuck that blue waffle bitch if she step up on my turf

blue waffle bitch got my dick looking like papa smurf

blue waffle bitch has a smurf 's vajayjay

her vagina looks like 3 painters painting a wall blue in a hall way

blue waffle bitch went to the doctor's office to get some cream

doctor is like why is your vagina blue ? is it really i thought it was just a dream

bitch's pussy is bluer than a blue slushie from a machine

i eat blue waffle pussy in the morning it's my favorite dish

blue raspberry slushie delish

bitch's pussy is bluer than the ocean

to get your dick on blue your gonna need a magic potion

bitch your pussy blue like a pack of true blue and parliment hhahah

bitch you got blue pussy discolorment

before i stuck my dick in it was white then it came out blue

then i went to the E.R. and the nurse looks at my dick and was like who the fuck did you screw?

oh , wait a minute bitch it was you !!!!!


ahhh i got a blue dick bitch !!! ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk!!! Show less
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