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I'm Jon Ham from Fitness on The Run. On My channel you can find information and tips on how to live a Healthy, Active LIfestyle. With New Workout Ideas, Whole Food Recipes, and Practical ways you can take better care of yourself to live a Healthier, more functional life. I'm not just telling you what to do, this is an extension of my life as a personal trainer and former gymnast. So subscribe to my channel where I post a new video every Monday! Show less
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Body Weight Training Exercises Play

This Playlist is all about bodyweight training exercises you can do with little to no equipment!
Jon Ham is a an in home Personal Fitness Trainer with cliens in Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, and Camarillo.

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Jon's Healthy Cooking Recipes Play

Here are some healthy cooking recipes from Jon Ham http://www.fitnesstrainingbyjon.com that you can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Recipes, Healthy Cooking Recipes, Healthy Food, Recipes, Cooking, Kitchen Recipes, Weight loss food, Weight Loss Recipes, Lose Weight, Diet, Diet Recipes, Healthy Dinner Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Healthy Lunch, Healthy Lunch Recipe
Many of you are practicing your handstands, handstand pushups, and want to be able to hold your handstand so I have a few tips on how you can do that... better.
It took lots of practice holding on to things before you were able to stand on your feet without help, so first things first, practice against the wall to get your bearings. Gradually, you can kick your feet off the wall and try to hold it on your own, but before you really start working on that, you need to focus on your form.
Go back to standing on your feet. There are a few hinges your body has that we need to make sure are in the correct angle. Mainly straight. It would be difficult to stand up if you were hunched over or tried to stand with bent knees all day, so don't do that in your handstand. While you are against the wall focus on making your body as tall as possible. Push through your shoulders to get rid of any shoulder angle, keep your elbows straight, squeeze your butt to prevent any piking or arching of the back and stand up straight - on your hands of course.

When you are ready to do it more on your own, use your wrists, hands and fingers in a handstand just like you would use your ankles, feet and toes to stand on your feet. If you are on your feet and you lean forward, you use your toes to push on the floor to bring you back to center. If you are falling back, you can use your heels to do the same although you have less leverage so it's easiest to take a step backward. When you are in a handstand you can take a step back too, or to save it you can do a more difficult measure and push your shoulders over your wrists and use your shoulders to do a planche motion to save your balance and try to pull it back to neutral.

At Home Workout Series Play

Here is a collection of videos on Workouts YOU can do At Home! Home Workouts, Workouts at home, how to workout, workout for women, best workout, best home workout, workout routines, at home exercises
Here are some other Collaborations I have done with some popular youtubers. Some involve Fitness, some just hangin' out, but they have all been fun somehow.

TRX Exercises Play

Here's a collection of videos with Jon Ham and Cari Ham using the TRX Suspension trainer. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great tool for core training, balance training, strength training, and a great way to train your abs and total body. Although many professional athletes use the TRX to enhance their abilities on the field, the TRX can be used by anyone looking to get in better shape
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