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Fionn Hodgson

Total Anarchy 2 - Game Maker Test Footage

250 views 1 week ago
Upcoming indie freeroam/ sandbox game.

Pushing Game Maker to the absolute limit in terms of how many instances we can have going on in the room. This has all been done using Game Maker 8 Pro (as opposed to the more recent GM Studio packages) with no extensions or DLLs.

The game is a long term project of mine called 'Total Anarchy' which has existed in various forms since around the beginning of 2007, hence the use of a legacy version of GM (Studio won't support half the functions I depend upon!) Google around for a Beta version that I put out in 2010. What you see in this video uses that same engine; just a new map and greatly improved graphics and playability.

Why am I making this? No particular reason any more except to finish what I started. I had no idea it was going to take this long when I began at the age of 14. At the time I was just experimenting with the idea of recreating Grand Theft Auto using Game Maker 6. Google 'City Of Pliston' if you'd like to see what that involved ;) However, things are gelling together better than ever before and I hope to get a new playable version out soon (as in before Christmas.) Selected followers have been receiving preview editions for testing already.

The music in this video was also put together by myself especially for use in the in-game radio. Check out my SoundCloud to hear more juicy electronic beats: https://soundcloud.com/fion...

Feel free to drop questions and feedback in the comments. The coherent ones might even get a response.
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