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Skullgirls Encore: OPTICS! Squigly Optimized BnB Swag v2.0

8,597 views 4 months ago
Link to Notation & Notes: http://skullgirls.com/forum...

The Last Squigly Video you need to ever see for Skullgirls Encore. These have been optimized to the max enough so they do damage, but still work on all characters. So you'll notice a couple places where s.mp could go isn't included. Mainly because the pushback is just way too much. Anyways, enjoy & Link's coming up soon!

Thanks Yaya (especially), Guitalex, FuzzySnugs, E199, HeartNuns, RetroStation, Mountlover, and my other forum/steam buddies for helping me along the way! Means a lot. Oh and also Dawn111! Super cool bro who's been real cool steam friend.

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FinallyAnime! 2013 / Prior Reviews & Opinion Vids Play

Reviews of Spring, Summer, and other seasonal anime show/series. Might be a bit empty, but will soon fill up. So subscribe if you haven't already!

BEST BioShock Infinite Tips & Vigor Guide! Play

I really adore BioShock Infinite and to celebrate, I'm making BioShock Infinite Vigor Guides on vigor combinations, tips & also heavy hitter walkthroughs along with build & gameplay walkthroughs in the future.

AMAZINGLY Unique Borderlands 2 Builds & Other Vids! Play

Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite games, and hopefully I'll be making more borderlands 2 videos with Maya builds and such. After I level up to 61 in the UVHM, you'll see some! Assortment of videos I personally like a lot

Gaming Reviews That DON'T Suck Play

Reviews by the talented Angus Morrison. These brim with passion and most importantly, thought. Not the oh-lemme-make-a-review-in-3-hours mainstream review, but someone with mainstream quality, but true gaming sentiments we care about. Do yourself a favor & check this guy out, he's fucking amazing
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